50,000 coin ea - Hiring one more Hunter!

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Q-MART is looking to sponsor a team in the Iconic Meteor League.

50,000 coin per hunter. Need 4 hunters.

Small print: I reserve the right to Oort and goodies collected.



130ish Oort was each players average last round. 50k doesnt sound so bad.

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i kinda want to go but im awful at hunting. :< btw i want the coords of the stadium

I’ll take almost anyone under contract. You only have to know the basics of a hunt to qualify.

You go hunt and collect a few things for me, I’ll pay you 50k for your hour of time.

Supplying bows? If not how about 1/2 the Oort and 3/4 the goodies? For the tournament/games

If you are supplying bows, I’m joining. Coords to the stadium tho? and how good are the bows? enough to take down elites in a few hits?

I’ll supply Bows, Grapples, Loot sticks, and bombs.

Q-MART HAS to be decked in the finest gear :wink:

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If can’t get my guild to run it. I’ll gladly be a “free agent” for you.

I’ll supply some pretty boss gem bows. Not lucent… But you can keep the equipment after the tournament.

Im treating this like a sports team, I’ll outfit and pay you, but I keep the rewards. Im all for making this into a regular thing. turning meteors into sport and sponsoring teams.


Hello :wave: how can I get to your shop? I used to go there all the time through lacuna but haven’t been able to find you since @Mittins

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Q-MART is in the same place in Lacuna (unless you’ve been to the original one 9 months ago)

Come through Portal Seekers on Gravidias Te, Lacuna Portal is just behind the Boori Portal.

TNT hub - Storis portal.

Legendville hub - center ring - Emporium nocturne.

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I’m definitely down to help out, can also assist on forging of needed. (This is Endo btw, just PM me in game).


All right! I’ll get at you tonight in-game.

Other are welcome to come to Lacuna for more information.

How long from now were you planning on doing the hunt? It’s 5 my time…

Meteor League match round 2!! November 16th 2019 1:00pm EST

Still looking to fill 2 more spots on my team! Still Paying 50,000 coin per hunter

I’ll literally almost take anybody!
…preferably over level 20 or so, with some skill points into agility.

Looking to fill one more spot!

im lvl 30 or so. i got skill points into agility… did you know forgers have a hardboiled build and can survive on a ton of planets with max energy. but im already on the roster soooo.

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forgers require lots of skill points to take full advantage of forging, and all those point make them pretty resiliant. But that’s doesn’t mean tehy can survive any planet. they need atmo protection regardless. A lot of hunting is about maneuvering the landscape, I’ll forge you a good pair of grapples to help. Be sure to choose the “Damage Epic” skill.

nah. i already got the best gem grapples. meh lucent one is terrible tho. not worth the 18,000 i paid. YES 18,000. more like 5,000 is accurate. you can get me a replacement while i try finding whoever owns TNT megahub so i can have em sell it.