6 Hammers, one use?

I had started two bulk stacks of 3 Iron hammers. I get on later once they are done, start my mining voyage, and after one of my hammers broke, I was left with no more. Quite disappointing considering I had spent roughly an hour making them. Maybe its a bug? I’m not sure, but I will tell you that im not complaining in any way, shape or form. Considering the game is still in development there is plenty room for trial and error. I just hope the issue is resolved soon so i can get back to being creative!

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Did you die a lot on your mining trip?

Every tool/weapon in your inventory takes durability damage when you die. They’ve just fixed a bug that was preventing all the tools in a stack from taking damage, so this will be more noticeable now.


They fixed that?! :cry: so sad.


Same here, died a few times in caves, and all tools was gone… 12 full smartstack with iron tools.
Ruby grapples and gold hammers.

Wow, that’s a big “bug fix”…

Well it’s working as intended. They might change the penalty “rate” later on as a balance.

I was accidentally carrying a full stack of chisels, died twice and they were half health.

Yeah it’s annoying, but it’s how the game is supposed to be played. You’re supposed to try to not die


Ouch! That was a big hit then!

It was mentioned a while back that this would be looked at for balancing so it could change. It’s a big hit to take, but I still feel that “death” should mean something and be avoided at all costs.

I took a hit on my full stack of amethyst hammers (plus everything else I was carrying) last night. Was down to my own misjudgement, so only have myself to blame. I knew they’d fixed the bug from the patch notes, I just wasn’t planning on testing it with such a full inventory :tired_face:


The excitement from the new resource distribution, got the best of me. I saw shiny titanium, gold, silver, hard coal and run towards it, Misjudged the Olympic capabilities of my character, and well swam on lava a few too many times. I understand it’s all my fault, but still it feels like a hit, when you’re already used to the friendly bug lol.


I think the two best ways to solve the problem of death, find a way to alleviate ways of dying.

fighting, meh, dont change, just get a better slingbow.

lava, a potion that would allow you to swim in lava, and a second potion to allow you to breathe in liquids.

falling damage, a potion that would say, halve, the fall damage you take.

ideas ideas ideas, but its not like i know how to code. and once you add potions like these you need to think about how your timer for the active potion(s) fits into the HUD without being in the way, recipes for each one, and how to balance the recipes for the benefits of the potions versus getting the materials. obviously breathing lava is a big thing, so it wouldn’t be easy to make, but then, how is it made? do you make lava crystals somehow, extract that and put it with an “empty potion” in a chemistry bench to make it?

id love these things, but i hate just piling ideas onto the devs


And still the monsters in caves have to come… :slight_smile:


if they put monsters in caves then they would really need dynamic pathing, probably not easy to code. but it would be okay and cool to have monsters.

maybe slime monsters that can just cling to blocks

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Falling damage definitely needs a pass I think, I can drop down 1 step and take falling damage, yet I can sprint down the side of a vertical mountain, fall 10 blocks and take nothing. I was going to write a suggestion post but I am struggling to work out what the falling damage is supposed to be before I do that. Right now it’s very, very inconsistent as to when it procs.

You can fall as high you want, as long as you fall in a tree you not take any damage.


More specifically leaves


But that’s wasn’t there earlier on, or I had some glitched leaves. Falling from my tree and hitting leaves nearly killed me a few times. (I was already at fairly low health st that point) but I can say 100% factually that falling great heights AND LANDING ON A SLOPE, will decrease your fall damage by a factor of about 3 in all my cases. Normally the fall would do 670 damage (with the updated health and damage rates) but landing on the slopes would only do 230 damage