650k in oortstone basket in meteor meet

I’m buying 3600 Rough Oortstone in meteor meet.

Basket price is 168 Each

Also Some amazing things for sale
in meteor meet sold by other people

A Portal To Meteor Meet Can Be Found Via:

Ultima Circarpous Gate
Blingz ‘N’ Thingz
The Golden Fist
The Witches Brew
River Towns
CSS City Slickers
Alu Tech
Nova Golda
TNT Mega Hub

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But, but that’s only ten hunts?? :smile:

No time to hunt with all the farming you’re doing huh?


Thats very true!
This farming is consuming all my time lol

Baskets Empty! :smiley:

Everyone be careful where you step in meteor meet there are weeds everywhere lol :rofl:

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