80 people on Circarpous during the hunt


So as most people know, I host a hunt every day at the same time (I have missed a few days) but this has been going on for a little over a month.

Today - we maxed out the planet Circarpous I

80 people, I’m amazed

Thank you to everyone who has been to any of my hunts.



I guess this explains the lag I got every time someone near me got rezzed.


Woo! Go hunt team!


@JaceyLive no thank you for hosting the hunt… had a blast :slight_smile:


Was on that hunt. It was such a good hunt, lots of oort, loot and crazy wildstock throwing us like ragdolls! Great stuff. Thanks for hosting these daily hunts. :sunglasses:


I keep meaning to try to join one. Do you meet on a platform and jump down or on the planet surface?
Trying to remember if they are on level 4,5 and 6 or just the 4 and 5. I don’t want special treatment, I can handle level 4 and 5 but will have to bow out and catch the those two when you go there, if I can join at that time.

When is the next one on a level 4 or 5 planet? If I can I will join in.


There’s one in 40 mins, meeting at Meteor Meet on circ - going to Cardass @Janna55


sorry missed it, in too much pain had to lay down. Hopefully tomorrow I can join in one


Hope you feel better x


Great hunts as always Jacey glad to join in every day :star_struck::+1:t3:


What is the schedule for your hunts? And do you have a discord server?


I don’t have a discord server but my hunts are at 6pm GMT :slight_smile:


Thank you @JaceyLive for the hunt :+1:


I hope the slides didn’t hinder anyone’s hunt today. :joy:


Great video!
Thanks for being apart of the hunt :slight_smile:


I was there a bit. I had enough when i saw “half” of the people just running around with lootsticks not even trying to help. So i died and returned home .
Thx for the 10mins though


No problems with them hindering us lol, also we will need to give some plots out soon :slight_smile:
When your ready let me know and I’ll send people your way for the people who attend hunts :slight_smile:


It’s cool, they is no right and wrong way to play the game. I encourage everyone to play how they want to play. Thanks for turning up though


Yay I’m in a video so I’m kind famous along with the rest of the daily hunters there. Fun to watch :upside_down_face:


That’s such a shame it’s normally kinda mad on these hunts so many people an all but everyone gets revived an it is fun. Maybe come back I will save you but I don’t run about with a revive stick so ya know :wink: