A bit of inspiration for your creativity?

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Dear everyone,

I am a bit about teaching myself webdesign methods - so I was interested in what is up to date. I was looking for some Award websites to see what’s trend and fashion. Well while surfing a bit, I found this page (or product), what made me indirectly think of the creativity bundled in Boundless. And since I was big fan of LEGO and other brick-based fun it additionally took my attention. I guess, if I was a designer it really could help me developing some ideas.

Maybe have a look and inspire yourself.


That website is probably one of the most annoying and useless designs I have ever seen, second only to the marquee tag.
Also they’re charging around 450$ for colored wooden blocks, while spouting some hippy spiritualist nonsense. Just buy some legos and you would have a much better building thing for way less.


Yep really annoying page.
I’d recommend you take a look here
Has some similarities but is much better and cleaner.
(Also the thing the website is for is just awesome!^^)

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Of course I would never buy something like that. I didn’t even check prices on here. I just like way they designed the website and the presentation of those simple shapes. I bet some people buy it, what makes the designer of this website quite genius, because he makes gold of trash :wink: That’s pretty brilliant.

But why do you think it is bad design / structure? I really like it (from the view of amateur). What are your critics about it? And why would a website that evaluate in design / structure / content presentation / creativity so on, give 7.5 of 10 or something?

I see this for first time. Really amazing! :slight_smile: but they’ll probably need a giant area for this o.o

I always dreamed of something like this in a “pokemon world” (at least when i was about 10 - 15. I just thought they would create a giant dome, in which 3D projectors simulate the pokemon and you can catch and fight with them. Seems like with current technologies that idea is not that hard to realize anymore.

Yea, Also the area is huge but you can simulate trick the brain into thinking it’s walking straight while in reality it’s walking an 8 or a circle. So the area needs a certain diameter but that’s it^^

Seems like the next generation holiday parks :stuck_out_tongue:

But about the website i posted. Ignoring the product, what’s bad about it?

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You are only able to see one little bit of information at a time, and each ‘slide’ has a delay/transition that makes scrolling between them irritating. Most sites that have something like that put it in a frame, so you are able to look at other information if you need to instead of scrolling through each and every single slide for it. It just doesn’t feel like a website, it is more of a scroll through ad or a powerpoint.


Fair critics. I am desktop user, so I didn’t really feel that of course.

I’m on a desktop too, and it felt klunky :stuck_out_tongue:
This is the kind of website I was talking about. It has a slideshow thing but you can still use the menu at the top of the page and scroll down to see more info without having to wait for the slide transitions. But I am the kind of person who watches youtube videos on 1.5x speed, so maybe I just don’t have an attention span XD

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In my opinion, the website works well as a mobile website. I viewed it on my phone and I enjoyed swiping through the slides because I felt like it was telling me a story. I wouldn’t buy them at that price, but I thought the website was pretty cool. On a desktop, though, I don’t think the design is as effective.
You only have a short amount of time to capture a visitor’s attention before they leave your website. You want to make sure they can navigate easily and see more of an overview of the site. This isn’t as big of an issue on mobile sites because users are accustomed to those sites being a little more limited.
I have used the tips here in my own website design and they have helped me reach new levels of professionalism. We are now in the Web 2.0 age, soon to be Web 3.0, and or approaches need to change constantly as new technology is released. Certain techniques won’t work for everyone. J.K. Rowling’s website is super cool and creative, but it wouldn’t work as well if she wasn’t an author. Get a feel for your audience and ask for friend’s critiques.


Eeeck, we have a Necromancer.

In all seriousness, check when the last comment was made, while your comment does add something to the conversation, it has been over for two years.

Any way welcome to Boundless, hope you have fun here.