A Boundless Version of Minecraft's Redstone

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I have played Minecraft since Beta 1.8, so this year will be my seventh year of the game. I’m one of the people who was incredibly fascinated with Redstone, and learned as much as I could about it. I built crazy Redstone contraptions to automate things in my game, have large doors that slide open on approach, et cetera… The possibilities of things you can accomplish with Redstone are boundless. ( :wink: ) Honestly I think the Redstone side of Minecraft is one of the best things about the game, and I’d love to see Boundless’ own take on it. (Incredible future additions were pistons, comparators, command blocks, and slime blocks, which expanded what could be done immensely.)

Developers, is it ANYWHERE on your road-map of ideas to possibly add something to the game akin to Redstone? Some sort of wired / wireless power that interacts with certain blocks and powers them / activates them? Not talking about Spark powering machines, but something even more. Even if it’s a post 1.0 thing, I think it would open up so much more to the game.


cough NERD cough


Moving parts are supported in the engine. So far, we do not know much about the devs plans on how they will implement this. I have seen older posts documenting plans for how the titans cores will potentially be harvestable to gather this tech.

I don’t know about automation though. I don’t assume that they are in favor of automation without some form of consumption, so I think that the moving parts will require upkeep just like portals. This is just speculation though so do not take my word for it.


Automation is problematic but cool machines and contraptions are a must have! I have my doubts that we will see such a thing prior to 1.0 though… I’d favor manually operated machines over the perpetual Redstone types, or something that that ran on a quickly consumed fuel.


It would be highly complex to add a system similar. The devs could do it but depending on the server softwares capabilities, I think something like redstone could cause stability issues. I mean after 7 years I’m sure you’ve seen some of the lag machines people came up with that used nothing more than redstone, pistons and a couple repeaters.

Now with the theme of this game I could see them adding some form of automation and custom machinery. Transfer pipelines, perhaps a unified crafting device that connects to all attached machines. Personally I think it would be kind of cool to see bits and pieces of industrial content. Not too much, but just enough to add that redstone flair without endangering server stability.


Everything is built on the scale of the voxels in Boundless except for the spark cords. If they give us this, then I want wifi power cores :star_struck: like charging my phone wirelessly. But charging my whole home instead. My machines would just be too jealous of the front door having wireless support.

Okay, it just hit me. Lets say for a sec, this whole debate and lots of little opinions I’ve had on the amount of space needed for power cores, that we still needed the amount of cores, but as long as they were connected to the building they would power all the machines in the building. What would that do for you guys? We then could have power rooms and be able to work around our machines eaier.


With the core mechanic of Boundless - being an mmo - where you have to grind at least some amount of time I think any user craftable devices would break balance completely. Mincecraft doesn’t have that issue since there’s not levels/skills etc

edit: to be precise any system that allows users to come up with any device, as long as it has limited capabilities it should be ok. Something like redstone where you can “program” it to do whatever you want kinda doesn’t fit with progress and balance in Boundless (I might be wrong :smiley: )

My proposal to the community would be to make a list of devices you’d love to have and help out devs with that so it’s a more narrow problem and not “we want mechanization” :smiley:

I’d love to have sensor that can open doors for me, but not for players that do not have permissions or animals.
Sorting for storage would be in my top 3 for sure.

What I would love to see is Item sorting!!

you could hook up pipes to the back of your storage like power cords, maybe have it directional so there has to be a path the pipe takes rather than connecting them all together like a spiderweb.
There would be an input block that you would interact with and could have a massive inventory equal to the max a player can get or have one slot that sucks up the item/stack instantly and sorts it, :open_mouth: or even a button that will take every item in your inventory except for the ones that are in your selection wheels!
That would be amazing.