A callout/shoutout to all my Boundless streamers 🥳

I finally have a pc I can do some editing on, and would very much like to start doing some Boundless videos as my first foray into the Youtube-iverse…

I would like to mention some of the people that have brought me to this point…

@Jiivita was my first go-to when I started years ago, and I still wait with baited breath for the next vid! Same to you @Ovis, you are another huge inspiration in this venture!

Some more honorable mentions are @PixelatedTwix, @Turrican2006, @georgegroeg, @majorvex, and more recently @SWProzee1 and @TENTHisle

Sorry if I forgot anyone, but my question is this…

What category is most sought after? Update vids are not a thing right now, so its kinda between “Lets play” style, how-to’s, and (I don’t have the skills for) movie parody reenactments :rofl:

Just curious if any of my @ mentions (or anyone else!) have any advice for a newbie? Thanks in advance! :grin:


I ll do most how to s or where to get best result s for Mining also showing Skillpages for doing several Thing s.

I am concentrating more on German vids for now because THere is Nobody ealse doing them or have done them in the past.
And it helps thats i am Happy about because many new German players These days .
Also streaming in the evening to get the Game more Public .

Perhaps sesrch a section Like best planets for beans or Things Like that Nobody has done yet or do Things Others and me did but in better english than me but do Things you Like to do thats the Most important !!!

Thats why i do Mining vids and Testing AS example.

Or be creative Like Others doing some nice vids for fun Like the fith Elements.

Hope that helps a Bit and If you want to do Something together or Need to know Something for what you are Plannung to do let me know even i am new to all of that too perhaps i can Help.

Greetings Turrican2006



Don’t feel like you have to do loads of editing, it can burn you out very easily. The content is what people will watch you for, not the smooth transitions.

Play around with all sorts of content, you will find what you enjoy the most. I have done build tutorials (didn’t really like them), lets play (can’t really do them) and I finally found what I loved, which was sharing/building/explaining the inventions I came up with and showing how they could help peoples builds or gameplay.

Lastly, YouTube Shorts… I have no idea why but 2 of my shorts (which take like 10 minutes from conception to being posted) got more views than the majority of my videos that took me an entire weekend to film and edit. But obviously, views aren’t whats important.

Also YouTube Shorts and a great way to stay consistent even when you are busy or unmotivated irl.

Hope this helps, thanks for the shoutout :fist_right::fist_left:


Well I like building. So I just show things I built. They always look cooler in video then still images. Unfortunately my PC isn’t really powerful enough to edit well. And sometimes crashes when I’m recording and the game is running at the same time. But I noticed recently that the PlayStation added the ability to access short video on there PlayStation app.(max 3 mins) so I was cropping them on my phone and editing them together in TikTok so I could add music. TikTok is a max of 3 min videos as well so you can’t make long videos but you’ll get more views if the videos are shorter anyways. Once I complete my next build I’ll most likely make a short video and post it. I always think time lapse videos are cool but don’t know of an easy way to make them. And most of my builds take weeks so it’s a lot more work then I’m willing to do. Lol. Good luck on whatever you come up with. I look forward to seeing them. :v::beers:


Hmm….I say go with what suits your personality. I’m not a builder, but I love to explore and goof off and showcase the talents of the community or simply play (with a chill soundtrack of course) I am not a min-maxer and if I tried it would be completely wrong. :joy: But seriously, try a few things out…a tutorial, a let’s play; see what fits you. That’s the best advice I can give you.


Not a builder. :eyes: right. You keep saying that. But you totally are. Your place is sick AF. :man_shrugging:


Will someone tell Gregorio to stop lying on me?! :joy::purple_heart:


Hahaha. My angelic voice only speaks the truth. You’re awesome. Deal with it. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:


Yes you do! Don’t insinuate @georgegroeg is lying just because you are oblivious to the truth @PixelatedTwix :joy:



Is this better?! LOL!


Do you have a YT channel set up yet? I’d like to come and support.


Not yet, waiting on the last piece of the puzzle, a capture card :grinning: I will definitely share once I get the first vid set up!


Since there is not a lot of boundless content atm I would say focus on whatever you enjoy doing in game / enjoy making video wise. I started with tutorials since there were basically nothing on YT when I started playing and saw a need for them. Later I started update videos since they were related, and finally did some let’s plays by repeated requests.

It always felt like a “build it and they will come” when it came to new categories of videos. It also felt like I had distinctly different audiences for tutorials vs let’s plays and making one type wouldn’t necessarily satisfy the other. Pacing and ensuring you’re not over extendeding yourself is important.

This :100:
viewers are generally happier with 2 videos roughly edited than one finely polished. That being said, it’s great to know how to polish as well refine your work flow to save time and sanity o.O… say like a template project with intros, music, color correction, and exits all pre loaded etc. Also knowing when to stop recording can be just as important as what you do record (less video to wade through later)

Hope there was something there you find helpful / insightful and I look forward to seeing your videos ^^


Some games are just not enjoyable to watch when someone is streaming and Boundless sadly is one of them. I am not saying the game is bad, it is just not that exciting to watch and when that happens it relies a lot more on the streamer than the game to make it entertaining. It’s a hard sell… sadly…

I do not want to deter people from playing the game or streaming it, I am just saying have fun with it and let the viewers come to you organically… you cannot force people to watch you. On top of all of this stream the game with friends because a ton of the streamers I watch are more fun when they are playing with others during their stream.

Just my two cents. Maybe I’ll get back into streaming again…

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People stream MC all the time

It’s just that WATCHING that kind of stream isn’t for everyone

I put on boring Minecraft streams sometimes for my high school class while they study

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I base a lot of my information on Twitch more than anything. Sure MC has a huge following so it’s going to have very high viewership. There are also a TON of streamers doing MC. MC ranks about 12th in viewership on Twitch. MC is also a different animal since it has a huge mod community, is used as an educational tool and on just about every platform and free on some platforms.


Here’s Boundless…


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Hi there @RobZadouch,

What I like to do in the videos is just sharing information, showing progress or just funny stupid things like killing mobs with hammers with some other players.

My advice, don’t try to do what others do. Be yourself and have fun.

Having a Youtube channel should be fun and since it can be a lot of work don’t worry too much about the content when you start. Don’t take it all too seriously :wink: