☄ A chance of a resource-laden meteorite falling on any planet

A lot of people like to find things in games: treasures, special items, etc. Aside from Gleambow & rare events, BL is kind light in this area right now.

What if there were meteorites (edit: or just some type of treasure/cache in some form) that had a chance to fall on any planet (noobs need a chance to get lucky too).

  • If possible, they shouldn’t fall within 100m of any plots - as to not disturb the locals.

  • Once they hit the ground, a 5 minute timer would start. Once time’s up, they’re gone. No trace, no mess.

Maybe a probability scale should be factored in. ie:

On T0-T2 planets:

  • 50-100% chance it will be composed of: corruption, tangle, or thorns.
  • 31-49% chance it will be composed of: ancient tech, copper, or iron.
  • 6-30% chance it will be composed of: gold, silver, or titanium.
  • 0-5% chance it will be composed of: gems
  • 0-1% chance a rare past event item(s) will be inside

On T3-T6 planets:

  • 50-100% chance it will be composed of: ancient tech, copper, or iron.
  • 31-49% chance it will be composed of: gold, silver, or titanium.
  • 6-30% chance it will be composed of: gems.
  • 0-5% chance it will be composed of: lucents.
  • 2-3% chance a rare past event item(s) will be inside

On T7+ planets:

  • 41-100% chance it will be composed of: gems.
  • 8-40% chance it will be composed of: lucents.
  • 2-7% chance it will be composed of: oortstone.
  • 0-1% chance it will be composed of: titan flesh (or whatever is in the pipeline).
  • 4-6% chance a rare past event item(s) will be inside

Maybe these resources are a mix of raw ore blocks/refined, maybe they are just one or the other. Maybe they could instead be resource drops composed of almost anything.

Other options:
These meteorites would only happen on a new special type of Exo?
This could be added to current Exos for more fun/interest/purpose

*Disclaimer: not suggesting this should be considered instead of any current updates or projects the devs are working on.


With gleambow meteors already in their arsenal, this shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Awesome ideas, Vex!


Also they do the snowballs, so you know there can be stuff on T1 etc… already too. Also special spawns like snow creatures and gleamtrunks …


Yeah this needs to be added probs won’t thought :cry:


This looks like the kind of thing worms were supposed to be - a boss fight to get a cache of goods like this.

Doing meteors like this sounds like a really good way to get the essence of the worm cache into the game earlier and developmentally cheaper. I like it.


That was my train of thought too - we already have alternate types of meteors, so maybe this would be a quicker, slightly easier way to add treasures of some sort while the other things are being worked on (maybe not? I dunno).

If worms are still on the table, that would be amazing! Sounds like something that would require the use of the new melee gear that is coming :+1:


Exploring planets is basically my 2nd favorite solo activity. Gleambows made it twice as fun because they force snap decisions and lead to some really cool moves that you only get when running under pressure.

If we got these 5 minute meteors on all tier planets, maybe averaging 5-10 per 50 region planet, it would be a permanent boost to exploring.


I would dare say it is non-existent.

Boundless just dosen’t really have any “Unique items”. Just about everything, if not everything, is just a crafting material. There are no real treasures to be found in the wild in this game.

Rare weapons and tools with special effects that do not exist in the forge, and have to be found from chests that are hidden about the world, or fallen from the sky as your suggestion states, would be a nice step in the right way in my opinion. Along with other “Unique items” one could come up with.

At least for me that is what I would like to see because the last two T7 Exo worlds that spawned, I just don’t care anymore. There is nothing new for me to find on them, More of the same rare Materials isn’t good enough for me anymore.


Ain’t no party like a long boy party

I agree, it’d definitely be a lot of fun to have something like maybe a set of statues, or something different scattered around in the whole natural regen of the game.

At least it doesn’t sound like it would be too hard, so long as those chests that spawn in aren’t overly common so-to-say.

Addendum: I don’t know why it posted segmented, but oh well.

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I dont rly like this suggestion.
Mainly my conserns For this is that everything start evolving around meteors.

Just like it happened To centraforge and boons (they added many boons etc To the game cause it was just easier To add In).

I would personally like To see treasures… Something thats just random spawn In anywhere of the map.


I’d love to see automation belts where you can see items being cooked or forged live haha.

Regarding snow- I want a snow board in game haha

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Speaking of Gleambow looks like we aren’t getting one this season :scream::pleading_face::sob:


that would make the worlds more alive for sure.
it doesn’t have to be all meteors - maybe a magic tree could grow ‘over night’ stay active for a bit, then regen, a pool of petrolim could appear, an abandoned hermit’s hut, a mysterious statue, something underground… basically no new mechanic, just spawn a prefab for a limited time ( like meteors, simpler even)


@Ocfos @Buugi @Apt
Exactly … some type of treasure cache to find (meteor format not needed)


The game need some kind of rare thing… I mean Super rare. Everything is just so easy to get that you dont rly get that same feelings as you would For example In EA Where finding weeping Cap (shadow orb) was like “john ceeeenaaa” moment.



This is basically the gleambow meteor with the end material it turns into being air and the turn for completion turn off.