A few bugs and issues found with the update

  1. General instability. after about 5 mins in game it will crash on a OSX Yosemite macbook air. (I’ll try to post a log as soon as I can find it again).
  2. when crafting sticks, they don’t stack - just fill your inventory with 4 stick stacks (will stack by manually consolidating).
  3. (maybe). grapple seems to be the same as a hookshot?(at least graphic is the same)? I also crashed after using the hookshot, but it may be a coincidence with 1 above).

There are also few items that either need serious getting used to, or will just become annoying:

  • in inventory, stacks now swap inventory places rather than swapping in hand.
  • the bouncing inventory takes some getting used to.
  • Flipping back and forth between inventory and crafting seems cumbersome, but may be ok after a period of adjustment.

In general though: Love the update, great work! Thanks!


I have that too, but not every time … may be the speed of clicking the “craft” button decides if they stack or if they get own slots for each bunch?

jep, would be better then the way it is working atm :wink:

is there a hotkey for switching? … to do it by clicking is quite … not comfortable :wink:

I also think the previous system was way better.

Can you share a gist of the log, it’s at /tmp/tblz_log.txt

Not sure why they’re not stacking. Will investigate.

Thanks for the feedback - keep it coming.

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What’s with an option to change the field of view? In the moment everything looks to near, also the stuff wielded in the hand. Would be cool to have a broader vision or at least an option to set it :wink:


@james does Steam collect crash logs for you?

I think I found the problem. Distortion (fish eye lens i think) doesn’t seem to work at all.

Distortion ON

Distortion OFF

This screenshot was taken at the same place before the update. It looks much farther than the first 2.

Some. But they are useful in showing where crashes happen in the graphics drivers 99%+ of the time.

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Ahh, gotcha

Sometimes the grappling hook will spazz out (still works though).

I’ll try to add the logs soon, I noticed that while the Air/Yosemite seems to be unstable. It is much better on my MacPro/Mountain Lion. Though I did have an interesting dialog pop up, mouse disappear, and when I got the mouse back and could close it, it just came back- had to force quit. Image below (I’ll try to send this log as well):