A few Guild Woes

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I don’t run a guild myself currently, but have seen quite a few issues and confusion caused by some of the ambiguity of the system. To make guilds easier to manage, here are some suggestions to make important information more accessible:

  • Display on the member list which players have gleam club, thus do not count towards the regular member limit and can be safely left in the guild.
  • Show the total amount of endeavour contributed across all factions for any given member, and a detailed breakdown in the drop down panel. I think it should also show the total in the main guild list directly, instead of only the contribution to the main guild.
  • Indicate to a player who attempts to join a guild faction that there needs to be space in the main guild as well. Currently it only shows the faction’s membership limit and bonus capacity, which generally makes it seem like there is plenty of space to join. And if I’m not mistaken, hitting the join button while the main guild is full (which in that case should probably be greyed out) will still do nothing and there is no indication as to why.
  • Show somewhere, ideally also in the drop down panel, that the black shield with a plus means the member has the guild set as primary guild. Maybe also change the icon since it’s the same as the one for Membership Controller which is also misleading, aside from the color. Maybe add an alternative version of the icon to indicate if a member has a faction of the same guild set to primary, since that also doesn’t show.


For myself, who has been in charge of cleaning the guildmemberlist at the portal seekers.
What i prefer to see when the last time it was they were online, and if they have guild or faction on primairy

Maybe also a possibility to write down why they got kicked.