A few quick newbie questions! (added one more!)

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Hello! I have a few questions.

  • Is there a way to have the chat stay on screen?
  • Is there a way to clear more than one block at a time? Or a drilling machine (I’m a big fan of Tech minecraft mods)
  • I’ve been hanging on my home planet, Bekon. I figured its safe for my home base. If I explore to higher tiered planets I know I will find better drops. But will I get more of them, too? Does that make sense?
  • I noticed a few youtubers have multiple characters. So you have to specialize to progress in the game? I am not a big alt person. I’d rather have 1 character to do everything, maybe a second if I really , really have to though. I primarily want to play a crafter/gatherer. can I just have one character for that?

Bonus question: I’m not in the game so I can’t remember the exact names, but there’s a skill that goes up to 3 for tool crafting. Then, there’s an epic for tools. Should I get both if I want to craft the best tools. It seems like they do the same things, though. Thanks!

I think that’s it. Thanks!!


Firstly hello and welcome to this amazing community. I’ll help best I can.

As of current I play on ps4 u can’t keep the chat window open on play I think I could be wrong.

U can mine more than one block u have to look for AoE tools or use a centraforge to put basically the equivalent of enchantments on ur tools.

U can have multiple characters or you can get skill pages with your cubits as you level up. Then u can switch between skill pages to help gather or craft which ever u need at the time

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Pop in here, lots of useful folk with tons of expirience. I know @Mayumichi, @Nightstar and @Ratchel prob have exact numbers for farming…

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For me I usually will farm most drops from high tier worlds. Regen farming is a great way to get many drops (Regen bombs). There are alot of Regen farms at the TNT network. Main things I will not Regen farm on high tier worlds are soils and mud because drop rate is not worth it, stick with low tier farms for mud and soils also sand.

This is a topic to some Regen farms available through TNT but there are many more.

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You can put two points in Tool Crafting which increases your tool crafting level by one for each point, and there are the Gear Crafting Epic and Tool Crafting Epic which also increase your level by one each. The tool crafting level unlocks different tools:

Level 1 - Iron and Copper
Level 2 - Silver, Gold, and Titanium
Level 3 - Gems (Diamond, Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald)
Level 4 - Lucent (Rift, Blink, Umbris)

You can definitely have just one character for a crafter / gatherer but it will limit the number of skill points you can use to unlock recipes. Typically using alts means you can do a variety of things early on without having to spend cleanse points constantly moving skill points around. However, sticking with one character has the benefit of leveling up quicker since you aren’t sharing xp with alts. At higher levels it is much, much easier to gain more levels and fill up the five skill pages on your main character.

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If you like crafting, or see it as part of your core gameplay, start a crafter alt.

This is the only profession that requires 5 skill pages to do everything.

For people that only craft low level stuff, or a few specific items, can get away with a couple pages on one character and endlessly burning cleanse points any time they want something new or different. But if you want to always be able to craft all items just make the crafter and don’t begrudge your main the skill points.

I burned some early cleanse points trying to get a few items I needed when I was new and we didn’t have free reskills. Still within just a couple days I realized that wasn’t going to cut it and started a crafter.

This also saves you from making half-@#$ builds on your main as you end up leaving a few skill points off of your other pages for crafting if you still want to do everything else on one character.


Personally I recommend alts, you will find the gameplay much smoother as you move from task to task. It also eliminates the 15 minute timer from switching skill pages.

XP isn’t really lost if you have specific tasks for each character. My miner gets plenty of XP mining, builder from building and crafted from crafting. even have a level 10 character who’s only job is to sit in front of the minter all his levels are from repairing the minter. It’s worth the extra coin and cubits to me and my other characters just wouldn’t benefit the same.


You make a lot more coin/cubits levelling up alts too. there is heaps of achievements that reward you when you mine 100 gems or something similar. Each trade has achievements and they can all give your wallet a nice boost when youre starting out, but you only get them once per character. With alts you can hit them all 10 times.

This is boundless version of mining drills. 3x3 hammer and mega speed brews :slight_smile:


Welcome. Yer in for a treat. I came to Boundless via Portal Knights and DQB, so I know about wanting a drill or a 3x3 mallet.

I’m based Trior and stayed there for days if not weeks before I started venturing out. No mobs just nice Dino goats and salami anteaters.

I did the multiple character thing but really one is all I really needed.

I probably didn’t start venturing out until I was somewhere in the 20’s level, but it made fighting way easier.

Sell yer extra iron and copper. Just kinda realized that.


If you plan on owning a shop and having Tax Epic, I personally recommend an alt just to have Tax Epic and levels to get cubits for the plots of your shop, but otherwise mostly offline, or this alt should only have 1 skill page.

Whenever the character owning the beacon of a shop stand passes thru the beacon, it sets the tax based on whether that character is currently on the skill page. So if you have other skill pages without tax epic you have to worry about passing by your shop while having one of those other skill pages on. If “B” owns the beacon, and you mostly play with character “A” you don’t have to worry about the tax epic, or having multiple copies of tax epic.

You can put some other “I only need 1 copy of this” skills on that alt too, like portal epic or some crafting skills.

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There’s one big difference between PC & PS4 players with the Alts and no one said this but PC players have the ability to have 2 to 3 Alts on the field at a time which is something us console players don’t which sadly gives them a leg up especially during hunts, but that’s fine its already busy just handling one lol.

I’ve made good use outta having a few extra skill pages up so I don’t have to have to many alts as I play with my main more often but if I need a crafter or chiseler I can call them up

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They can only do that with multi-boxing though, they have to have 2-3 separate accounts and log into a separate client for each of them. You could do the same for PS4, you’d just need multiple PS4’s :slight_smile:


I’m not 100% sure but it may be the settlement not the beacon.

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Ah i see thanks, maybe if I was rich and could multi task like that lol