A few suggestion for future update


Base on current player base, I have some suggestion for the dev team again.

1. Skill System.

I am not sure whats the goal at first place when dev create the skill system. I guess they want to see a lot of unique build for every players. However, so far most players only stack in 5-6 build for all their characters.
The reason behind this is we don’t have a lot of freedom to choose the skills because of limited skill points.
My suggestion is re-work the skill system. Separate the status point to another page (Vit/power/ control…etc)
and remove all the recipe from skill set. ( make them as craftable recipe book) Also create more skill like charge and rapid star (for different purpose, like mining / building / …etc) . This allow players to digg their time to create more meta build and unique characters. It also allow you guys to have more factor to “balance” the game instead of keep spend your time on all the “gear” balance.

2. Nerf the forge items for end game players, and apply aoe effect on basic gem tools.

Right now the grind rate for end game players is way too ridiculous high, but for new players is way too hard to get involve to the game.
I agree that end game players should have more power than new players, but as long as its a sand box game the gap shouldn’t be that much difference. Also its really weird to see that its super hard for new players, but its super easy for end game players. I think this direction is completely wrong. You guys should make end game players feel challenge, and new players feel they can get to the end game smoothly. Please fix this issue, otherwise no matter how many free weekend you assign on steam, 80% of new players still quit in 1-2 month which is just fake data for you guys to collect.

3. Reduce the crafting time.

This is not a mobile game, people open and close and do their other thing in real life.
(At least for some mobile game they allow some cash shop items to boost the crafting time)
So if you want player play the game instead of turn it off to play other game, then you guys better reduce the crafting time. Now is way too long for no reason.
(Don’t tell me about it will affect market, because the current market is totally broken lol)

4.Improve the promotion skill.
Again and again and again, the website really need to update. This is the worse website i have seen for any kind of business in 2019. Also this is not expansive to hire someone to create one standard responsive website. Same for the trailer, please at least release new trailer every huge patch (like guild patch/ farm patch …etc)

5. Chat UI
For the chat ui now is very very bad design. I think you should allow players to have global chat without limitation, so it make game looks active, and new players can ask question their instead on third party website or software (discord).

In conclusion, I just a player who really love this game, and its very pain to see it keep losing their players.
After all this is not my business, so all i mentioned just suggestion.
As one of the city owner, i pretty sure at least 80% of new players quit in 1-2 month. So I think you guys should worry about it. Anyways, thanks for all the hard work, and make the game better and better.


Not the best to comment on that, but I do like the idea of being able to learn the recipes through books instead of the skill system. The way it currently works kinda feels… tedious.
Gonna stay away from that one. ^^
THIS. I need this! God, when I need Ancient Vital Essences to craft Super-enriched Bonding Agent, and it makes me wait almost half a day to get the required amount of essences to mass-produce some bonding agent, I got nuts.
If Boundless was a game where you pay monthly to play like WoW, I would understand that design-choice, but it’s not!
Sadly, we’re at a point where the players are feeling like they should make the trailers for the poor devs who can’t spend the time on it themselves.
I prefer to use Steam or Discord to write to my friends who are in-game with me rather than using the in-game chat UI. 'Nough said.