A few suggestions and Tweaks

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I have been playing for over a week now and i must say Boundless is one of the best voxel-building games i have played and i have played quite a few over the years, however there are a few things that would make it a bit better.

New items/Blocks

  1. Braziers.
  2. Chains.
  3. Buttons/pressure plates for doors.
  4. Glass panes, alternative to the current glass cubes since we cannot shape glass cubes.
  5. Stained/Coloured glass, perhaps using the colour from the sand.
  6. Fences.
  7. Drapes and tapestries, give us alternative uses for sackcloth and cotton.
  8. Stoves for cooking, similar functionality to furnaces but only for making food and drinks.
  9. Alternate beacon styles.
  10. Chests for storage.
  11. Safes.
  12. Headlamps.

Mechanic/GUI tweaks

  1. The ability to change the colour of the beacon/campfire flame.

  2. The ability to choose which stones/timbers are used when making non-block items, especially when it comes to choosing the colour of the items.

  3. Please devs add the ability to place items on plinths.

  4. Allow the use of charcoal as a fuel in furnaces.

  5. Add a recipe list to furnaces.

  6. The ability to deconstruct items.

  7. The ability to show grid lines within the plot areas when using building mode, since the plots are 8x8x8 have thick lines every 4 blocks and thinner lines every 2 blocks.

  8. Add a sound effect to water and lava, this would help when mining to avoid accidentally mining into lava or water, perhaps even a drip effect when there is lava/water directly above the player.

  9. Add crop farming.

  10. add an unrefine option for material blocks e.g revert refined metamorphic stone into just metamorphic stone so that the player can use that stone to make bricks instead of refined.

  11. add the ability to bookmark same-planet custom destinations and settlements and use them for warp, currently way to add destinations for warp is by using warp augments from another planet or by building a beacon near a hub.

  12. give console players the reduce foliage option that pc currently have, this would make spotting hidden resources like mushrooms and desert swords in grassy areas much easier.

AI specific tweaks

  1. A mob exclusion zone around beaconed areas, disables mob spawn points within the area and stops swarm-spawn around player built areas.

  2. update mob AI to not walk into players and get rid of their ability to move the player simply by walking into them.

  3. get rid of mob x-ray vision.

  4. perhaps add aversion behaviour to mob AI that makes them less likely to wander into player built areas.

Thats all i can think of atm, feel free to add more suggestions.


Fantastic list


Yeah nice list, some I’ve seen suggested before but some are new, so that’s nice.

What’s headlamps?


their used by miners and cave explorers and rescuers to save having to carry a torch


Oh, I see, like a helmet or headband with a lamp on it.

Well, we already have a skill to light the area around us, I guess a headlamp would be redundant with that. Probably would look nicer though :slight_smile:


A minute suggestion and tip. I can imagine other people probably do this too but to make finding Hub or gate locations in your locations easier you can put a number as the first character and itll bump it up to the top of the list
Ex. 0 Malaria Hub
(This doesnt apparently work when you’re in the sanctum)
They could implement a check box in the Add to locations list that could say Hub Location so they could automatically be put in a group. It’s the little things that make life better :smile: