A Glitch for Jumping Higher! - 90 sec Video

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Hey guys, hope you’re having a great day!

I have found a glitch/trick you can do with the Grapple to get an extra high jump! I have made a video on it:

If you liked the video, it would be super helpful if you checked out my YouTube channel and threw me a like, comment, subscription - whatever you feel it deserves :blush:

The co ordinates of “Oortland Theme Park” are -1329N / 976E on Planet Arie


Edit: Any other glitches/tricks you can suggest for a video, let me know here!

I wonder how this glitch interacts with trampolines, slides and water. Maybe it’d be a super quick way to emerge from water?

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Hey Timebomb742,

Thats a really good point, i will have to play around with it some more. If i find any better use than just bouncing around everywhere i will make anothert video covering it :slight_smile: Are trampolines availible to craft? Or are they still yet to be added properly?

Clever use of the /wave emote :wink:

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Hahah cheers bro! I’m not proud to say that it took me 4 tries to get that sequence :joy:

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Haha I bet! Spamming the screenshot key.

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Of course! I had to type /wave really fast without seeing what is was, which is easy, but it was so much pressure i messed up that… spelling wave… :joy:

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