A good start

Ignore the tall pillar on the far left and behind the main castle.
I cant wait till different colored crystals are implemented, cause I feel its too similar to the blue palace that was shown here before


It has a really nice design, i simply cannot do things like this >.<

Start building small, planned builds, practice, experiment, and never settle for “good enough” and you’ll be building like a pro in no time!

too impatient and not creative enough, im working on something that is more my style of building and it if i manage to finish it, its going to be something that i want to share with the community :smile:

This looks super nice! Very kinda gothic style. Once there’s room for more crystal colors It’ll look totally different from the blue palace. The structures only real similarity is the crystal.

Just an Update if anyone is interested.
If @james can make multiple beacons or a large beacon already i might just tell everyone the location.

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I built a new bridge…
Its a suspension bridge, and still needs a bit more work but I think it looks neat as of now :smile: