A Guide to Portals & Warps

0:20 Warp Conduit Blocks
1:08 Portal Conduit Blocks
1:31 Portal Epic Skill
1:41 Permanent Portal Basics
2:03 Portal Fuel
2:42 Creating a Portal to another Portal on the Same Planet
3:01 Where to Place Fuel & Location Token 3:08 Create a Destination Token
4:15 How to Fix a Portal That Opened Sideways or Backwards
4:41 How to add a Portal to a Hub
6:29 How to Remove Your Portal From a Hub
7:04 Blinksecs & Planetary Map
★Portal Helper Data Chart (Blinksecs, oort shards per hour, # of conduits, etc - tabs on the bottom) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/…
★Planetary Map http://www.portal-seekers.com/#maps


Brilliant video, the basics get overlooked sometimes I think. Great for new players!


:heart: me Use Warp Conduits like me Eat :cookie: s


Awesome work as always, will share! :smiley: This will be very useful for newcomers - I still remember working on figuring out setting up my first portal, way back at DBX (which moved and became TNT). (I also remember slipping on the emotes and shrugging at somebody who greeted me there when I was doing it… oops :flushed: )


The first time I opened a perm portal, I thought I had to buy all of the tokens in the stand so no one else could use the portal. :rofl::joy:

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haha you are right :stuck_out_tongue: i mean what happened if someone bought a token and was sooner back to open it?

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I was always worried about that! lol