A Long Color Storage Journey

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I’ve been working on this color storage since October 2022, and I’m far from done. I’ve finally made it to the fourth and final floor of the main structure but still have “accent” work left to do on every floor. I thought it would be fun to share with you the process I go through to make the storage “rooms” for each color and all their shades.

Laying down the skeleton.

Each section will be a hallway dedicated to a specific color, for instance, this hall will be dedicated to the color Azure. Each section of the hall will be related to a different shade of Azure, ie: basic azure, bright azure, cool azure, etc.

Since Azure has ten different shades, this color will require two halls. (I didn’t plan this perfectly, so the first hall is a bit smaller than the rest, but it’s worked out just fine.

The first step in creating these halls is placing the wooden outline. The walls will rest atop the wood and then the floors will be placed in between. By the time I’m done with each hall, the wood will still be there, but wont be visible.

The next step is deciding what color to use for the inner walls, floors and storage of each hall. In this case, I don’t have a lot of pretty colored meta azure, so I’ll be traveling to Sydney on Lasania to check out Econodogs stock as well as DragonLairs Quarry to see what they have available.

Neither Econo or Dragons had much of the prettier shades of azure in meta, but lots of cool, deep, light and strong sedi or igneous. Dragons Lair is cheaper and I just happen to be poor.

I already have quite a bit of night azure meta, which I’ll use for the walls. Then I’ll need to buy some light azure sedi for the accent floors and door ways, and then I should have enough deep azure for the deco floor and storage.

Next comes the REALLY fun part of transforming the sedi/igneous to meta to make marble, and then crafting the marble. If only you knew how much bonding agent I’ve had to make and use to get this storage facility looking like it does.

While I wait on the marble, I’ll start on whatever I have the blocks for, in this case, the deco floors with filigree border.

The walls are outlined with marble and will be filled in with storage container. Each room requires 54 storage blocks, each hall will require 270 storage blocks, and since azure requires two halls, I’ll need 540 azure storage blocks all together.

Still waiting on marble to cook, I’ve decided to start laying out the main hall, which is made of marble and iron filigree with a primordial resin accent.

Day 2 on the Azure Hall: Time to start adding the light azure accent floors and doorways. I’ve also filled in the space between storage blocks with machined iron for now. The machined iron will eventually be replaced with gleam chests where needed for extra storage.

Placing the lights, signs, and sorting the corresponding colors is next.

I’ve also gone ahead and chiseled the accents and the last thing to do to this room is add the ceiling.

In the end, each room looks a little like this. Since this room is one of the smaller ones, I’ll also show you what a big room looks like when complete. (There are only two small rooms on each floor and ten larger room per floor.)

The last room on each hall gets a window.

So, thats the process. It’s been a work in progress since October and I’ll probably still be working on it for another three months. I’ll let yall know when it’s officially complete. If anyone is interested in checking it out, it’s located in Heartstone on Biitula.


After doing some math, once this build is complete I can say that in this build there will be approximately 13,660 storage blocks, and 13,660 pieces of machined iron.

There will be approximately 39,160 pieces of marble in just the walls, 5430 pieces of marble in the accents.

There will be approximately 13,390 pieces of marble in the floors.

There will be approximately 4,650 pieces of assorted style gleam.

And I’m to tired after all this math to figure up the amount of filigree, deco sedi and dark glass. But you get my point.

Currently this build stands at 7,256,592 prestige. Whew, that was a lot of math I did today.


Really impressive build. I appreciate how you showed screenshots of each step as it seemed to come to life as I scrolled down, very cool. Also very intimidating as I don’t know if I could work on one build as long as you have.


I’m so ADHD its been difficult to focus on this project. Three years ago I couldn’t have done this. Growth.

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awesome :smiley: where it is located sio i can check how it looks on my own eyes?

i love, just love massive builds just to know ill never be able to build such thing :smiley:

its not about time but resources :smiley: i love your math done here - it spooked all my plans for a massive builds :smiley:

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Hi, this build is on Biitula. You can get to Heartstone via TNT, GTG, and Dragons lair. When you get to hearthstone, enter the large manor through the front door and go straight back.

Please note, it’s still a work in progress. I didn’t decide to do marble walls until I got about halfway through the second floor, so a lot of the first and second floor is still just dark glass.

Resources will come. I’ve been playing since Alpha. But took a two year break, the resources I’m using now are either built up since the beginning or purchased from others.

I always recommend, use what you have now to build what you want, and then later, come back and replace with more advanced materials. . . If you want.

thanks for reply :smiley: i took 2 years break, but with sooooovs available there is a loads of colors that was only at exos before i left, and i noticed i like timbers and mosaics more than marbles and concrete :smiley: so far im doing just small color displays becouse im still waiting for more deco blocks and will wait what Monument will conjure up for us :smiley: and meantime ill be gathering all trunks, tangles, thorns, mud, ashes growth and sponge which will fall into my hands :smiley:
i claimed a plot in Heartstone :smiley:

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