A long time to grow

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I like the calculations for the time the fields are growing. So i will be back in 1 year to get my crops.


Add some lava :joy:

Edit: also gleam

Might need to adjust a few things lol

:joy: not bad

There is already lava

Do you have bright gleam light nearby?

You need light (gleam lantern) to speed it up. Have it pretty close. You should get to about 3 days or so.

I have farm down in my base, you can check it. Mainly you need to have Lava around (at me it is under the lanterns, with some Ancient corruption)

Ancient corruption adds a bit (I think 5%) of seed gain, but reduces 40% crop gain, so carefully with the amount.
If you go only lava you get good seed gain (90% I think) and also good Crop (160%)
My setup is having 2x AC for every seed getting to 80% Crop and 100% Seed

Yea, as @Stretchious says, the color of the gleam has to be bright, I use White, but can be a “Cool” color or “Stark” or something like that

I think the other one is “crisp” too.

Another thing is that there needs to be no sunlight at all. I had one spot of sunlight a few blocks away and the growth time jumped up to over a week. Without the sunlight, it’s only 4 days.

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U are all right. We were just in the middel of the process building it. U was just amazed that the algorithm calculates this far. We are down to 3d and 18h what i think is the best to get.
Some with crop 212% and seeds 30% other with 0% crop and 110%seeds.
And yes u realy have to kill the sunlight out of the room or the times jumps up @Phalaropus