A mistake cemented

Didn’t pay attention and used the cool taupe sand meant for glass instead of cool grey sand… :laughing:
And 4 SS worth of shred…

Oh well, no biggie!
I’m sure someone will want it (its not that ugly of a color, I swear! Just kinda… fleshy; like if midwestern-white-dude-in-summer had an official color)

Quantity: 23,750? (26 SS +350)
Currently in a shop stand for 9.9 cents each

The Geezer Plateau (accessible through TNT on Circ and the EZPZ hub/EZPZ mall on Maryx).

Will also consider trading if you have a color I need (ashen/rust taupe, cool grey, oxide yellow, black, in order of most likely to least) but have requirements for that and the whole “value” thing comes into play and that already sounds like a headache lol