A new bridge on Lamblis!


There wasn’t an easy way to cross this lava pool near PS hub on Lamblis so I made a bridge! Enjoy!

Oh one last thing, I named it the Poorly Lit Glass Bridge of Death because, well, it’s lit only by lava glow, made entirely of glass, and has holes like, all over the place.

I have six months of gleam club so this is a bridge you can rely on!

Shout out to @Jekuty who gave me the glass for this project. Make sure to check out their store Tencuata Overstock (top floor north side Gyosha Ophin PS Hub; or immediately left upon entering Kada I Ultima Gateway).

P.S. It’s fun to race your friends to the other side

You know what really Grinds my Gears?

Bridge the rest of the planet! Go go go go go