A new start (edit from when creativity block hits)

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A few weeks after the first official wipe of the EA servers and launching of Boundless I joined ]i[lluminoorti and started building on my own little place at Pheminorum.

(This a a silly picture from my very first and very limited storage place)

second attempt at storage

addition to the storage

the first house

My little town

My bestie Nyuudles place

Havok’s Mansion

Little Pittle moves in

MrGamers little cottage

The flowertower under construction

It got never build in t’s full glory

Then creativity block hit me. Exo’s brought so much more possibilities and I got stuck on my own town. After a year looking at the same things I was growing bored.

Hence my posting. Today I completed demolishing every last bit of my town and moved it in to a temporary storage. Thanks a million to @Nyuudles to help me speed up the process!
His reward:

Bombing the remnants…

and finally some regen bombs!

Goodbye Phem! It was a pleasure :smiley:

Meanwhile I have build a few shops of my own


and if you visit the forum you know I build on commision.for those who dare giving me carte blanche :slight_smile:

With the latest addition @Sujimichi88 forging shop

Hope to be able to show you new builds and adventures in the near future.

Also, I sincerely hope next time I get bored again I don’t have to demolish and sort out everything for 3/4 whole days before I can start a new. ( :heart: @james)


I want to add a couple of shots from your shop in Sunken Town of Aquatopia and the farm with the beautifull watermill on Maryx(the shot is from the “garden side”) both are supercool


aww thank you EdWe! I am so bad at taking pictures


I absolutely love your style!
I run past your Sunken City shop often and it’s so beautiful. Can’t wait to go check Sujis new shop out!
Maybe ill hire you to help with my place one day, your style is so fitting with mine.
And that flower tower :heart_eyes: oh my!


If only I was as good at maintaining my shops as I was at building them @AeneaGames and @the-moebius would be grateful :wink:


Don’t leave me withouth deco seeds!!

I Like very much your shop in Sunken Town too, i bought for the first time a forged gem hammer, inspired by the place!

Ahh thank you :blush:

I will make some with the new flowers from the recent exo world’s. Blue to go with your awesome building.

Please save some of them for hand trade or tell me when are ready to buy in the shop! :heart_eyes:

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Your shop at Nova Golda Market is a joy for the eyes, don’t worry too much about stocking it!


Couldn’t be happier with my shop!

I highly recommend @Mittekemuis for any commissions you may have!


I find myself doing similarly, I’ll tear down what I’ve got from time to time and start completely fresh. I discover so many new build styles and methods that I want to try my own take on a unique style

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I feel that is so brave! :blush::+1:

It’s weird how we get so attached to our builds! Which shops are yours? I’d love to check them out.:blush:

@ aqua portal hub Beckon
@ Nova Golda Trung (edit) :wink:
@ Sunken city Mall: Moebius alley

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Trung tho! :slight_smile:

Mitte way too humble. At least she knows she can charge for her time :relieved:

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:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: out with the old in with the new!

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:exploding_head: wow this is gone… No way… Best if luck to your next project!!!

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