A Pile of Glasss

I’ve been stacking up some plain glass blocks.

Hmm I also made some panes.

  • 12600 black panes
  • 5575 shadow yellow panes
  • 9000 white panes

Mostly blocks though, I like them better than panes I guess. I have some older blocks:

  • 8100 shadow yellow
  • 41400 white
  • 76504 black

Then some I made lately:

  • 8700 strong azure
  • 23299 green
  • 22900 hot orange
  • 21900 deep fuschia
  • 22500 dark lilac

So I put them in the Classy Cuttletrunk and today I priced them all at 18c. The shop is in gyosha mall and the glass is on the very bottom floor so it’s a swim :grinning:

I thought I made some shadow red but can’t find it. I see there are a few glass shops shaping up, but if you’re looking for a large amount let me know.


discount for hand trade? I’d do all your strong azure plain if so :grin:

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The tax is 1c/block. I’ll do that.

I’m online idling at the shop right now.

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I’m there, deal

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Aaaaaand strong azure plain glass is gone!

Just saw this. I will swing by there and pick some up.

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Did a visit today, interesting shop design! Liked it.


Thanks, I wanted to play with the white bricks.

I don’t have a lot of colors in large quantity but if you like one of the colors I have there are plenty of blocks there :rofl:

Rather than make a ton of small samples I’ve been doing 15 and 30 machine batches every few weeks.

So, I keep making glass :crazy_face:

I just made another 90k black plain glass and I put the white glass from a build I reclaimed into the shop as well. I’m not sure how much (around 50k) but there are seven shop stands of white here now. 11 shop stands of black.

Hot orange, deep fuschia, dark lilac, green, each with 20 - 25k blocks here.

2400 silk yellow scavenged from other builds and 5400 shadow yellow blocks too. and a few panes in black, white, and shadow yellow.

A big thanks to all the shoppers. I was arbitrarily going to try and put half a million glass blocks here but wow, this is work. I keep adding them and I’ve barely topped 300k!

Right now I’ve made the glass blocks for another 90k plain glass. If anybody is in the market I’m open for some input as I haven’t selected or farmed the gleam for them yet.

I’ll give it a day or two and see if anyone wants to buy something specific.

Since they’re still not made they can be panes or blocks for the same cost. If you’re looking for a color that I have or that’s in a sovereign gleamball I can make up to 90k of something specific right now. I’m currently charging 18c/piece.

Make Strong Lavander glass was looking for that 1 boop

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It looks like it’s on a few planets, but I’m not sure offhand if there’s gleamballs. When I find out how hard it is to get the gleam I’ll PM you about any details.


Nice :grinning:

So I put these on the purple level, the bottom is getting full. I moved up the dark lilac, too.

I’m still making the strong lavender, there are ‘only’ about 50k here right now :rofl: but I made the whole batch, even if cookie doesn’t want them I like purple, and this one is nice. Here’s a pic with a light stick equipped:

That’s dark lilac on the left and strong lavender on the right, the lavender is a lot more purple. OFC being strong instead of dark helps, when you want the glass to be colored. I might replace the gleam in the shop here with it.

@BabyCookie thanks for the color suggestion :smiley:


You make the glass of any color and I’ll come buy it…

I already bought quite a bit of the fuchsia concrete :slight_smile:

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There is some fuschia glass downstairs too. It’s deep fuschia I was surprised how nice that gleam is.

At work now but was going to do more strong azure tonight. 22k pieces, if you would like something specific let me know.

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@Nightstar can you make me 3 SS of Rose Ornate Glass block and how much you would want please boop

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Hmmm, any chance you’re sitting on 8+ smart stacks of precious alloy ATM @BabyCookie?

EDIT: I got online and took stock of my stuff. I’d have to farm a little glass but I could do 2 smart stacks with 24h turnaround. 120c/piece.

I’m honestly not sure how fast I would turn around a third stack I literally haven’t mined in months.

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