A quest I went on today (again)

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I was wandering around in game today after work rained out and I found myself on Angel for some reason.
I was on a quest for something but I forgot what like, 15 min in.

I found this place and it looked hella cool. I did what any sane person would do and tried to grapple inside.

but there’s a window so I died.
But it was kinda cool because I respawned in the basement or something

I was kinda stuck for a minute but I finally found a way out into the main area

its hard to tell theres a window from the inside too.

The inside is also deadly, I think because its guarding what I just decided is my new quest item, yams.

The end
thanks for wasting 2 min of your time on my nonsense, lol.

The other day I was thinking about all the reasons people enjoy the game and I don’t see ‘wandering’ often enough so I thought I’d share a few of my wanderings from time to time. They’re the quests that I play the game for, lol.
A few general rules that my ‘quests’ must follow:

  1. no warping. Existing portals are ok.
  2. no backtracking through a portal you’ve just come through.
  3. explore every build you haven’t seen before on the way.
  4. friend’s icons on compass must be hit with a snowball before proceeding.
  5. I dunno I win or something.
  6. your quest item (the above quest doesnt count, I forgot what the quest item was) has to be pretty specific. A certain forge or color, that way it isnt on shop scanner.
  7. no using BUTT or other similar thingys
  8. you gotta narrate it but its cool if you do it in your head because you dont want your significant other to ruin all the voices.

god this game needs some rpg stuff


@DaOne82 your secret lair has been discovered :sweat_smile:


@Ratchel it was never a secret place to begin with lol… there is no locks on the doors… @Coolpants sorry about the invisible glass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… it’s a work in progress still so the paths still need the railings… and out of everything in there you found the earthyams… what about the kindle farm? lol :joy:… Glad you enjoyed what’s there… been lazy as of late to finish it :blush:


…it’s your lair…Bob says :wink:

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It’s a modern greenhouse what for some reason people say it resembles the ps5 :man_facepalming:

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Exactly what someone would say to keep their lair secret :face_with_monocle:


@DutchOfSorissi not much of a secret if its visible to everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well there’s this large rectangular portion that isn’t visible, you see…


ummm @Coolpants use the front next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I must say I myself here at least once a week to see what has changed out to be inspired.

@DaOne82 I sure hope you pop back to finish this wonderful place


Lol people walk into the glass at my house all the time too


Lol your new place is why I attempt to smack openings more often.

I’ve gotten a few death penalty of shame just looking around

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@kasaisaru it will be completed eventually… just motivation has been a bit low for me in gaming in general (not just Boundless).

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I hate those glass walls.


Always spilling my mega fast brews!
Though I’ll admit I have seen people swing into the dome walls a few times and I lose it


Before my basement was finished @BabyCookie went into the water and tried to get up top not realizing all the glass was there :sweat_smile:

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I went on another quest today!
Home from work today and decided to go get some bitter beans to keep stocking my new grapple shop (only emerald, only on maryx, shameless plug). as soon as I decided to do this, a chill exo popped up.
I grabbed my rucksack and some axes and made my way to alnitans to warp over.

I am a believer that if I have to pay out a few grand for a warp cost, the warp should be as big as is convenient.

its fun to watch it open too.
I had some time to kill before I could switch to my gatherer page so I went for some meteors.

I beat one and died to another. Noble foes, all and a dastardly fight they put up.
After I died, I decided I needed a friend to help me on my quest.

So Woodward here gave me a motivating speech and I went on to collect a stack of bitter beans. The end.

Woodward was the chillest chicken ever.
Edit: holy ■■■■ I forgot the best part!
While I was getting them beans, I saw a player I didn’t recognize with low health. I dropped my axe and atlas and rushed over with a healy bomb. After they were all healed up, we were safe… we thought. As we’re saying atoobio a mighty goat charged me because that healy bomb had pissed him off. I jumped to the left while pulling out my bow and shot twice while in the air. The first shotgun blast missed but the second one-shotted him. I landed and couldn’t think of an awesome catchphrase so I waved and hopped away, probably looking hella cool.


Probably definitely looking hella cool for certain

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