A Quick Look at Crafting, Doors, & More!

I’m sure everyone here on the forums is well aware of what’s available in Release 100, but I thought I’d share this anyway. There’s nothing in-depth, but it’s nice to jump back in to Oort Online and play with a whole bunch of new things! :smile:


Two things about doors, first I don’t think they block light, second if you put a row of doors together, only the ones on the far right will function as double doors, the rest will open individually.

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We could support closed doors blocking light - but it would require the chunk to be relit for every open + close - which is a quite expensive process.

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What if the doors had windows on them, similar to Minecraft doors? That way it’d be as if light was passing through the window. :smile:

what MC had that?

Oh, the light on the blocks is processed on server side? Thought it would be handled by the client ^^

They don’t have “windows” on them, as such. Just open space on the top section.

All block types in OO define their opacity. So we can define how much light passes through the block. This allows door section with windows to leak more light than door sections without.

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ah now i see, never really looked at the doors properly :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: i feel they have already thought of that, as the textures and whatnot are placeholder for the doors, as long as i can put different types of glass slabs into my door ill be happy :smile:

why not make a block type like the door just with a window? Then you could make doors with a window AND you could make windows that open :smiley: that would be awesome too not?

We are doing just that for the next big release: solid doors and windowed doors. Also complete colour control based on the wood colour you use. Up to 1x8 or 8x1. Thousands of combinations!


8x1 doors?!? YEEEESSSS

Are you now planing to do regular patches/updates on Wednesday each week or do you “collect” the projects for larger but rarer releases?

Ambition is to do more regular smaller releases - targeting Wednesdays.