A Race for Power continues

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Hello Oortians! I have continued the race to full power machines, by basically wasting an hour on a couple of Sovereigns. Toward the end of the vid I did finally kind of get it together and gathered some ancient tech components as well as some iron and copper ore. When I get back at it in a bit I will focus more on getting coal. Cuz I need it :grin:
Here’s a link to my most recent progress. https://youtu.be/E9STb0fLqHI
And a link to @BloodRaven56 most recent progress https://youtu.be/b9D9vjvUAXE

Couldn’t sleep soooo went get some diamonds. Thanks @bucfanpaka for Hyrule! https://youtu.be/43RVBVAJzaM


I still need to check out your vids to see how your doin

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No worries! Here’s an update! After 7 hours 40-ish minutes I have the machines crafted if not placed. Spark generator and spark. Forge, refinery, and compactor are crafting and my next goal will be diamond mining, possibly on Serpensarindi. I’m level 15 and still swappin skills as needed.
Here’s a link to the last 3 hours i put in. https://youtu.be/gGs5nREIlZ4


Is using portals allowed in this race/challenge? Because portal networks are still useful even without trading/gifting for reaching planets (and region exp farm)

Yes, portal networks are allowed. That was one real caveat to it being a ‘solo’ challenge.
@BloodRaven56 I noticed you’re using guild buffs and that wasn’t a thing when this challenge was first introduced. I have no problem with it because I know firsthand guilds can be run solo. Cheers :grin:

If the guild buffs are against the rules i will remove them from the character i have no problems with that


No worries! It’s just for fun and to see different perspectives. I could start a guild at this point, which I may do. :wink:


Oh this is getting interesting,

doesn’t help that we are there to distract raven. Lol

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At a little under 11 hours I have some diamonds. Only 30 or so, but it’s a good start. I watched a bit of the old challenge and I had played for about 15 hours before I reached this point. When I ran out of time I was right at 20 hours and put regular coils on the workbench and that was it.

I am all for self imposed challenges and will never tell anyone how they should or shouldn’t enjoy a game, but is it really a solo challenge if you use a sovereign world? Portals I can understand looking over to an extent, but going to a world someone likely made for abundant resources of certain kinds still feels like a helping hand to me. Either way, hope you’re enjoying your play through and hope you make it as planned. Keep up the good work!

I thought about that as well. I decided to allow them because a new person may not know the difference between the sovereign and original worlds. I used random sovereigns for the early runs, until this mornin when I stumbled into a post about Hyrule


Glad Hyrule was a help! :smiley: It is probably my favorite of my sovereigns, can mine pretty endlessly there. :grin: Great for hard coal and gold too.

Though, for early diamonds, I put up a public mine at Serp, portal at TNT Serp - I level my own alts there, as soon as I can put protection points in, I’ll put 1 in caustic (for TNT Circ hub) then three in volatile and send them there. :slight_smile:


Omg, I just noticed your name. I absolutely love your palace! Thank you so much for making such an awesome mining network for gems!


Oh Hi, I’m currently streaming. I plan to go all night(it’s 12am here currently). Not speaking unless you ask. https://youtu.be/0RGoLMRbNrc

Quick update at 3am. My first set of power coils is crafting. I’ll have 1500 workbench power. Which is enough to craft adv coils…they’re more expensive though…


Thanks, really appreciate it, glad it is being enjoyed!! :smiley:

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18 hours completed! I talked for a few minutes here https://youtu.be/nWMEGYclxVU after the longest stream I’ve done to date. Thank you for watching or at least popping in :grin:

I shall return…

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