A sad but empowering truth

Let’s face the facts. A difficult person will be difficult, a know it all will be a know it all, and a toxic a$s hat will be a toxic as$ hat. There is no changing this!
So how do you deal with these people?

  1. Acceptance
    This is the way it is and there nothing you can do to change that.
    There don’t you feel better already? It’s not our job to change the unchangeable.
  2. Don’t engage. Weather they are playing the victim (you people forced my hand) or just acting the part engaging with someone who is not worthy of engagement will not help the situation. In fact it will just make it worse by feeding the flames.
  3. Shut that shiz down!
    No this dose Not mean giving them a peace of your mind or outwitting them. Lots of these people are quite smart. People with toxic disorders such as narcissism and phycopathy often have very high IQ’s and even when they are 100% wrong it may prove difficult to prove them wrong. When these people learn word craft debate or discusion is an uphill battle and feeds there ego empowering them and draining you.
    The way to shut them down is to invite them to your ignore list both on the forums and in game.
    I garante if they get absolutely NO response they will inevitably disappear. After all a toxic ego is hungry and must be fed.
  4. Know when you are in the right and have faith in the devs.
    If someone is harassing you and you have tried communication to no avail and they are within the law of the great COC there is not much you can do. Keep a log of screenshots of abusive behavior and when it gets big enough turn it into the developers.
    Also know that the devs are on your side. They want a peaceful and smooth running game. In the case of harassment just give it time and submit those screenshots to the devs. In my three years here I have seen more than a few toxic players just disappear. *poof
    In the case of plot wars just have faith that the devs are on it. It may not happen tomorrow but I wouldn’t be surprised to see an opt out option appear the next few months.
  5. Just starting out.
    My suggestion is to start a workshop and level up until you can survive on a tier 3 or 4 world. By this time you should have a lot of plots and can plot out most of what you want.
    These worlds are less populated. They are also more populated by the adventurous types. In my experience most toxic people want to ruin your day while making themselves look and feel good.
    There is lots of easy prey on low tier worlds and not much challenge to stop them.
  6. Be cool
    Just play it cool. Be the bigger person. Ignore bad behavior and be the change you want to see.
    This is our community we make it what we want it to be. Bad guys want you to think you are alone but you are not. Overall we have a special community full of creative and wonderfull people from all walks of life. As$ hats see this and want to watch it burn but there are more of us.
    Be cool, be swell, BE BOUNDLESS

This is not a place to discuss how you have been victimised or call people out but rather to discuss strategy and come together as a United front.


I couldn’t have said this better myself. Kudos


The issue in the forum is the passive aggressiveness… there is so much of it and it’s usually the same people. Once you recognize it you can start to look past the negativity and find the threads with taking the time to post on.

Usually issues have two sides to the story and oftentimes it’s hard to make a fair judgement based on what you read here. The real truth is, there is a ton of history within our communities across the universe…


I am also fast with the ignore option on the forums for repeat toxic members. Everyone has bad days, so occasional anger is to be expected, but some seem to just come to be toxic all the time.

  1. Instead of blaming the developers or each other for our problems, perhaps we all need to reflect a little, and blame the person who’s really responsible; Jeff.



I will accept that blame if it makes your day a little brighter. It’s the least I can do. :smiley_cat:


I just read this to my wife. This is straight out of our “bible”. Where can I find and friend you!?!

Thanks for calling it and thanks for being succinct. Like I always say: If you cant walk over and beat the ssss out of them, follow Jeff’s 6 rules!


Well I’m not a religes person but I think we can learn a lot from many of them.
Kindness breeds kindness :smiley_cat:
I’ll pm you my steam name friend me there

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i just ignore stuff.
this is good read.
i say to people all the time.
Play the actual game… not forum game.

anyways. My side here is to just ignore it… “who cares… i go now do my nut farming :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Some good advice there Jeff.
The sad part in the issues you’re referring to is when a thread gets closed because things got out of hand.


I’m not referring to any one incident in particular. Just thought it was time for a reminder. :smiley_cat: