A sad day in Eresho (not so much anymore)

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Its a sad day when you head to your favorite farming spot and see that the whole building side where beautiful portals were dancing in the wind are now completely gone. Yes, a very big chunk of erisho gateway area is just gone (PS Erisho Gateway). My days of farming Mud/Sand/Gravel in harmony are just shattered. I will have to move on and look forward and remember this great spot that took many hours of my life and enjoyed every moment. Thank you to whoever made Erisho my favorite little spot in the little universe we call Boundless. It will be remembered…

P.S. If anyone has bookmarks to the farming spots in Erisho please share them.


I think you are talking about Fortunists Portals.

“Fort” moved away from Eresho, you can still find his Farming Portals at “PS Gellis, S1”.


I went to Gellis and didnt see any portals. :cry:

As i said … use PS Gellis, then look for the Portal around with the Sign “S1” there you will find the Portals to the Farms.

I was able to find what @RSOnlineDE is talking about via Portal Seekers Gellis as well.

There appears to be a portal from TNT Gellis as well

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Ahhh I found it! Thank you both for your help. I’m an old fart and sometimes the brain takes a while to get working. I have been redeemed!


Then it is not a sad day anymore?

Well in order to be the daughter of eve you’d have to be old :man_facepalming:

@Dubbanz I changed it
I have been wanting to use my obscene power for a while

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Hahahah finally it is useful!!

Yeah this word must be ten characters o wait I had already gotten there why am I still typing aaaahhhhh I can’t stop

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