A settlement for newbies to learn and experiment

Hello all! Decided that, as I enjoy Boundless so much but lack building skill, and realizing I have so much to learn after so long, that maybe my settlement could fill a niche: an anything-goes area for new players and the less skilled or those lacking in time to just mess around in with no pressure. Elysian Fields on Alder. Frankly, nobody is going to mess up the landscape around there worse than I already have!

Anything goes, build whatever as long as you aren’t trolling, with a few portals open to hub areas and basic goods shopping set up already, and a cave system entrance with some basic info about mining on lv 1 worlds when the entrance sign is interacted with. I’m not extremely active due to life, but plan to keep the portals I have now going (closed one already just because I didn’t know if I could afford to keep it going, larger portal, but the others should be fine), and will try to keep the shops stocked as much as possible.

I know that this doesn’t really apply to folks already here, but feel free to send new players or anybody who might like this type of atmosphere you encounter my way. Just figured there have to be some folks who might just want to start off in a place with some portals and other newbs before moving on to greater things!


Hmm, nice idea!

Which immediately gave me another idea!

How about Tier/Level 0 planets for new players? To do the tutorial bits, build their mud huts, etc., etc. And then later on in the tutorial, when they are ready, they can go to a normal T1/Lvl1 planet…


That sounds like a good idea. They are transported to a level 0 planet where they are given detailed instructions on how to pick a spot, place a campfire that will burn for only one hour and in that time they need to make a crafting table, beacon and beacon fuel. Many have not seemed to understand that they have just a hour. They don’t read the objectives on the side of the screen and see what they are supposed to do, so focused on what is around them., Especially if they chose a inhospitable planet.

Steps on how to build a base, whether mud hut, wood or stone, how to make a furnace, they could be given a few items in their inventory to use at the start, some bones and told to get sap from trees to make glue so they can make the storage bins.
How to find yams and berries, I didn’t know how to do that until my son showed me and I watched a youtube video of someone I like. Found Dad and Dax play games and learned a lot more. I honestly think he is better as you see him make mistakes and well, no bravado. Just a down to earth person who plays for fun and enjoys the game.
Anyhow, I think that would be a good thing, if possible to do so.


Yep, love the lv 0 idea! There are people like Janna55 mentions, where a better explanation of the real basics would help a lot and make it more welcoming. I’m considering putting up more tutorial signs around my settlement, maybe even a big one pointing to this forum.

Until then, they can leave their half-built mud huts near me. :wink: Closest thing to me now is a half-built starter base actually, though that came in even before I started rolling out the welcome mat for newbies on signs around my place. Helps set the atmosphere though!

Edit: Come to think of it, my original structure was far worse than a mud hut at first. I just started randomly throwing together every material I came across into a building at the very outset, result was as hideous as it sounds. A new player would actually have to work at it to blight the landscape worse than I did at first. But if we can get a bunch of newbs building their own starting experiments in one general area, it could really have it’s own charm.

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