A ship

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Hey @james and @Leahlemoncakes just curious if you can make a space ship. So I can fly to planets instead or portals, We have a lot of fuel options already. Keep up the good work.

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What an original concept.

I brought this up back right around Release from EA and actually had a quick chat with James. It is something they would consider in the longer term roadmap but there is a LOT of other features that would happen and need to be released before they might consider allowing space and living on asteroids and other things.


Lol leave me alone. I’m high.

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Not high enough if you still need a spaceship bruh. :rocket:


Hey! That was my idea!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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10 years give or take a couple or years

Probably :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:

“consider” doesn’t mean anything other than “ill think about it”, considering that consider means they could consider adding all sorts of things that will never actually be added to this game, we could consider that consider means nothing…

I don’t see any word selection in my post that was setting an expectation or commitment that this would be developed with a set time frame - in fact is says otherwise. So there really is no reason to come in and try to correct my choice of words or put qualifications on them when not needed.

The intent of my response was not to set an expectation that space exploration was 100% on the road map. It was to give the poster the understanding that the request and a conversation actually had previously happened around this topic instead of no response (which is what we see in almost all “suggestion” threads) or a “we are never going there.”

Yes, you have every right to take my “consider” as meaning nothing because the Devs haven’t delivered on many things they said was coming. But, as someone who actually has talked with James via video many times - I certainly am a bit better judge on where he lands on “considering” (that is a path toward development) and “considering” (that means nothing) as well as the steps needed to get an idea from concept to implementation with them.

As with any of the content decisions that I had, this was obviously not fully vetted because we both knew that there were huge technology hurdles to overcome and many more important content and game play additions that were needed first and more inline with the original game concept. But, as with any “brainstorm” session, it is nice to consider what living on an Asteroid might be like - or is it just better to go buy and play Stationeers for that versus Boundless.

Im just saying, they could consider adding flying moneys that poop oort when they eat orange gleam… but that doesnt mean they will add them…

Actually not… at this point Oort is only received via Meteors and Roadrunners. My attempts to get mineable Oort and maybe other ways of obtaining it were not gaining traction because of a few game play designs that weren’t really worth changing based on where the game was.

So I’d doubt they would bring in flying monkeys since that isn’t part of their creature set and certainly there is no pooping in the game. Maybe Ark developers are best to bring up that idea with since in this game the idea falls into the “definitely not considering” bucket.

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