A simple craft-all function

We all know this situation. You’ve done a mining trip, your inventory is full of rocks and you want to turn them into stones and doors for XP. Just thinking about going past your 100 crafting tables makes your fingers ache!

But what if we had a simple “craft-all” button? Instead of queueing up 30 items individually, a 100 times, you just press craft-all (once per crafting table of course) and it’ll fill up your queue with the mass-craft (assuming you have the skill) of your desire.

For me, this would be a huge time-saver and will improve the QOL tremendously, as for me on PS4, it is very tedious to craft all those rocks individually!


I’ve suggested this before, craft all available. It would be nice! Definitely agree
Reduces the risk of RSI when tumbling rocks :laughing:


Absolutely agree this should be a thing, what’s the purpose in wearing our hands, controllers, mouse buttons out…


I agree this would level the playing field for us PS4 players. I would use it for more than just rocks, too.


Yup, that has always been my main concern about this… It’s just bad ergonomics at this point to not have a craft all or even a craft 10x button of some kind which would cut down on clicks/button presses considerably…


If there is no space for new button, there could be hold button/key option that would repeat hitting crafting button fast, same way like when holding button when character is dead and has options to go sanctum or get revived.

When I have been watching briefly some PS4 players do huge amounts of crafting on machine or hand crafting it has just look really uncomfortable to repeat gamepad button crazy amounts. I really think having craft all mechanic would help there much :slight_smile:

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A temporary work around is to set up a macro that spam clicks when held in. I’ve tried asking if this is okay and found several other people on the forums doing the same. So I guess this level of macroing is not an issue? Wish there was clearly defined rules as to what is allowed to risk not getting banned.

I have my mouse button # 4 set to do this currently as my carpal tunnel or arthritis (whatever is wrong with my wrists) was making the game unfeasible. I cannot spam click while holding a mouse normally. I would have to hold the mouse still using my left hand then do a motion similar to beating eggs, jabbing left click with my middle finger.

Correct me if I’m wrong but this can’t be done on Ps4 can it?

“It was originally supposed to act as an item sink, stimulating the economy so there would be a viable market for new hands, controllers and buttons…”
-Not a real quote.

But the broken hands thing has been a problem for quite a while…


I do not believe so without modifying your hardware(controller). There are simple circuits that can be used to get the desired effect.

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Yeah I guess one could purchase a controller with an auto fire function if they exist, but at the end of the day it’s just a work around for what is imo a simple enough design change. Even as someone said just hold the button in and it starts to speed up, like setting a clock/watch.


I installed a button on the right side of an original Xbox controller that spammed the fire button when held in for my neighbor but that was a decade ago or more. I bet they have detections now adays for it anyway xD

Please add this. Like next project. I refine stone when I have to have it and that’s it because filling 50+ crafting tables makes my hands hurt.