A SKI JUMP in Boundless?! - 60 sec video

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Hello all, hope you’re having a great day! I have made this short cinematic montage of a creation I built. I also have an 15 minute episode of me building it on my YouTube channel if you are interested, the link is at the end of the video.

But here is the trailer, I hope you enjoy:

If you liked the video all the annoying YouTube stuff like ‘likes’ ‘comments’ and ‘subscribing’ would be extremely helpful! <-- had to mention it somewhere :joy:


Been meaning to build me one of those ever since they introduced slide and bounce materials back before the very first wipe (in what, 2015?). Still working on gathering the required mats, because getting there is all the fun.

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Ive also done this!!! Yours is much prettier and neater. :slight_smile:
Check mine out though, its on Antar VI innthe Zwerg town. Can be accssed through portalseekers shophub in inferno fields. Top layer. Tomirrs Zwerghause is the portal name. :slight_smile:

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Where is yours i want to try it! :))

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Hey bregma!

Yeh i totally agree, grinding out farming the materials and then making something big is such a good feeling! Tag me in post when you’ve made yours and i will come check it out!

Hi Tomir!

Thank you very much! It took me enough time to build it so i thought i’d make it look half decent :joy: Give me the co-ordinates and i will defo come check it out!

The co-ordinates for Oortland is at the end of this video, but if you missed it they are -1329N / 976E (which is just south of 2BitTown. And the Planet is Arie!

Micheal approves! Cool build and cinematography.

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Hahahaha! :joy: Well i’m glad Micheal approves!

Cheers IAintNerdy!

Also 2 totums (one in each hand) look like ski poles :3

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awesome :+1:

I’ll come visit this weekend ^^

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That is a brilliant idea! I’ll get some footage of that in my next vid :wink:

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Of course Ynnoz, working on some new stuff also, so it might be made by then!