A small fix (mod): Rain No More

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Happy New Year to everyone :slight_smile:

I got back into game, started doing some building on Boori, and after an hour or so got really bored (annoyed) by constant rain. I’ve poked a bit in game files and managed to remove rain.
What you get:

  • no more rain animation - it’s replaced with pollen animation which is less intrusive
  • no more rain sound - this does not affect toxic/freeze rain, if you are on such world and have interest to remove rain let me know

What you don’t get:

  • fog is still present
  • cloudy sky is still present

Apply this on your own risk, I don’t take any responsibility, just sayin’ :wink:

To be extra cautious and to have backup if you want to revert to original behavior first make backup of these two files:

You can rename them to something else or move them to some other directory.
Then put these two files into archetypes directory: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kof_6r2BwJS1py7Tb2JA9-pI5_O7eSZZ?usp=sharing

That’s it.

If you notice more pollen then usual that’s expected :smiley:

It might be that after update this won’t work anymore, I’ll redo the files and update here if I’m around :wink: