A small trade of blink for rift with a little extra something for you


would any one be willing to trade 24 refined rift and 4 compact rift for the same in blink for a building project I have going?
I could kick down a few extra blink blocks for your trouble.
I’ll be on all day tomorow or we could friend up over steam and trade via advanced locks.*

*2nd offer only avalible to known forum users


with the new rift exo out I am hoping to re open this trade request. I still need 24 refined and 4 compact rift. with summer vacation hitting this week I will most likely not have as much play time as before so happy to do some bartering.
I propose a straight trade of blink for rift with an extra amount of coin per block to make it worth your while. I don’t know how much coin would be fair so throw out a bid. also willing to pay with whatever I have around. I’m a pack rat so tell me what you need.


I am at work for another few hours but if you still need this trade when I’m off I’ll see what I can do for you.


coo l man. I’m at work for another 6 hours then have a buissy weekend planed but should be able to jump in tonight for a moment or defanetly on Monday.
pm me when you check your goods later and we can set something up :smile_cat:
cheers pal :beers:


Works out great then. I’ll be on tonight and can be on most nights on the weekdays.
I’m PDT also so that we can accurately set a meet time.