A suggestion for movement

Hi! So I wanted to post this thread to offer a logical explanation as to why I think Oort should have better movement, I posted another thread detailing my first impressions from playing the game and I wanted to offer some more after playing a bit longer.

I believe that the addition of a parkour-like will bring this beautiful game to the next level. Movement is often an essential part to game play, it defines the ways in which a person can explore the environment. We have all felt our immersion break with invisible walls and hindrances that cut off where we can go. But why should that happen in Oort, a place where we can reach the tops of those distant peaks or delve into those hidden caverns.

This Parkour system (which could become a great selling point “Fluid and Dynamic movement ensures that no mountain is too high nor a cave to deep”) would include

  1. A running feature,
    -speed is a must when chasing down titans or fleeing from monsters

    • could involve an endurance ability and speeds Jog, Run, Sprint. Each drains endurance at their respective rate
  2. A climb ability suited towards the typically first person perspective. Like dying light where you looked in the general direction and pressed the jump button, at which the character automatically grabbed on. I really enjoyed this system and it’s movements.

    • The climb ability would have different values just like running, each would require different draws on endurance.

Vaulting- climbing a two block tall height, the jump would bring the ledge about midriff of the character, so their arms could be put down and easily hoist themselves up. a comedic example

Chicken winging- climbing a 3 block height, imagining the two block tall person jumps a 1 block height their head is about level with the height, so they would throw an arm over and hoist themselves up

Muscle up
begin at 4 blocks, since character height is about 2 blocks we can jump 1 block heights and imagining that the arm length is about 1 block. the character is grabbing on by fully extending their arms and then pulling themselves up.

two important components of the climb would be strength and jump height

-Strength would be the speed at which the actions are completed, the faster it is done, the less draw on endurance

-jump height would be a very expensive upgrade to get and could only make a person jump up to three blocks higher,
I say three blocks because our characters are basically anthropomorphic animals, the animals such as the tiger and mountain goat are capable of extreme acrobatic feats and I feel three blocks is a reasonable amount, especially at steep mountain faces

Also adding a sense of momentum to the mixture could also make it fun, jogging to the wall then jumping for climbing does nothing, running increases height by one, and sprinting increases height by two. But a greater draw on endurance.

As a recap a parkour system based around two skills and 4 traits

running = endurance + speed
-endurance: how long you can maintain a running action

  • speed the distance covered per second

climbing = Strength + Jump

  • strength: the time it takes to pull oneself up

  • jump: how high you can jump


I believe I have mention of this in another post, but you seem to have a good thing going here as well!

I’ll just link my threads covering this matter for reference in this discussion.

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Because one is about animaions and another is about the a quite important rpg feature, the camera movement? two completely things.

Any way we actually have a parkour suggestion already:


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