A talk about In game communication

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How do you propose we get in contact with those that are 3,000+ blocks away?

Yes except repeat that message 1000 times. Make sure to spam it a bit before someone chats and immediately spam it a ton right after they chat so no one can read it.

although you can mute them they just keep popping up. would be hillarious if you could deny acces to a beacon so a person inside it would get teleported out and cannot get in. boom. solves trolls and spammers.

Add them to your friends list so you can communicate whenever from wherever. If you never met them then you probably don’t care to communicate from that distance anyway.

A Radio device that goes on playertokens, can talk to people if you have their token, or make it so player tokens have a sort of magic so you can talk to them without the radio, player tokens can also be used to track people on map, that much we know.

Remember to make friends with everyone so you can stalk them.

A radio seems a little far fetched in the game setting such as Oort. I can see a magical device though. Or just nothing at all.

I think right now the proximity chat is hard at times because there are so few people who play this game, so the want to reach out to that one other person on your server is greater.

radio ish thing. you can explain everything with magic.

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In RP on World of Warcraft they use their Hearthstones as “walkie talkies” something like that could work.

I would like a kind of “stone tablet” which would be a magical item that allowed chat between all guild members / to a specific friend / party / etc, but you would have to go to the item and use it to be able to chat.

Ok, to expand on this. Let’s say this…

You stand on a large slap of sorts with pretty decorations. When you do, you choose who you want to contact from your friends list which does not limit how many servers over they are, or a list of people in your present server.

When you select who you wish to speak with, a faded [holographic?] magic image of you appears near them. Your body stays in your server and whatever you type while in this form can be seen by those around your actual body as well as whoever you are communicating to. The image cast of you cannot go outside of a certain radius of the person you are connected to, or you will be “kicked” from this state and “woken” up. You can however, fly/float around while following your friend as they move about while talking to you. You cannot interact with the world around your friend, you don’t even have access to you inventory, all you can do it communicate.

that seems overly complicated.


Based on what I’ve seen thus far, I don’t think it’s outside of the possibilities, or at least a version of this could be very possible. Plus, if I never get the chance to appear to someone and say something about going to Dagobah, I’ll be really sad.

You want the option, to leave your physical body, meaning having the sever keep you stationary, while basically regenerating your character from scratch so you can follow on a server you arent on?

From what little experience in game design I do have, as limited as it is, I do know with the right method, it wouldn’t be that complicated. Basically, the game takes your model, freezes it in a suspended animation as a dormant entity. Then your character is relocated and a modifier is applied to look ghosty, normal abilities are locked, and you are given one or two abilities as a “ghost”.

the question is why? other than it would be neat?

So far, the game has shown to be a visually fueled piece of art, not just another rp game to toss in a script or two if you want walkie talkie mode. I personally think something that is more mystic [Oort like] in a visual appeal would be far more fitting to the game’s preset parameters.

so for no other reason than because it could be neat?

Just because it’s a more complicated to integrate system than most other suggestions, doesn’t mean it’s not worth posting because it would add a great deal of visual appeal and immersion into this world’s technology.