A talk about In game communication

Im not sure if this has ever been discussed or thought about…
What about proximity voice chat? If it would cause a huge load on servers and more allocation to resources it could definitely be left out, I just think it could be great to include proximity voice chat like in rust and make the text chat global. I would also love it if at some point we could have chat channels for trade, looking for group, tiers (Tier 1 planets, Tier 2 Planets, Tier 3 Planets - Would get more necessary at higher tier planets) or even custom chat channels if players so desire. Obviously I think we should have guild chat as well.

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Maybe we could make a teamspeak 3 server? Because i dont think that a in-game voice chat is the first priority of the game now :smile:

Actually that would be an after 1.0 thing.

Yeah, I dont doubt it would be, im just asking if overall that is out of scope for this game.
At this point Im sure everyone uses TS, Mumble, Skype, RC, Dolby Axon or something similar

Does anyone know a free teamspeak 3 hosting?

Join this ip in ts3 and then come in “other games” “lobby 1” Ip:

So for text I think having people near you to hear you is a good idea, however if you friend someone or are in the same guild/clan as them you can friend/guild chat from anywhere. For speech, if it does eventually make its way in, it should also be local area, then have your special chats.


i think the proximity text chat as it is now is fine, as as mentioned when you get your friends token you can write with him, i still dislike the idea of a global chat since that ruins a sense of immersion for me, but in the end that is subjective.

also proximity voicechat would be neat although slightly akward since i tend to play female characters xD


I think we should have numerous channels and tabs to keep track of those channels, which could include: Private Message, Speaking, Yelling, Guilds, Worlds, or Tiers.

so 2 global chats, 1 for the world and 1 for the entire tier. Shudders

global chats are so lazy cause then people doesnt need to ever gather up just spam if they want to sell something.


You’re right. I was just throwing out ideas, but I suppose a tier chat wouldn’t be very useful.

sorry wasnt meant to be harsh. we just had a looooong discussion about it, and i am just against global chats because it removes the need to actually be close to other people, if you dont have global chat, then there will be a need for inns and taverns. and you would actually need to gather up to get a group.

but that is just me, i think it would be cool if you could make a trade token that would be hard to make, which you could put into a beacon, and whenever you entered that beacon you would enter a special trade chat, which was connected to anybody else who was in a trade beacon on the entire world, so that way you would kinda have market squares that would actually mean something.

that is the biggest i would like for a global system, but again its a matter of opinion, i just dislike the idea of spamming globalchat whenever you want to sell anything or need help or whatever instead of going into a town and asking and trying to gather up a group, or join a guild where you can get people together and which you can fight with.

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this is one of the discussions and there was one more.

I host a gmod server using nutscript as the schema and it has the option to turn OOC/global chat off completely, all of it. If this was added, it’d let people stick to their immersion by choosing to hide the global chat, but not limit those who might need to use it.

Also, I just added a channel for Oort online in my teamspeak server under the PC Category. The server was meant for a gaming community I am building that crosses multiple games and platforms but no one hardly ever uses it, so you guys are completely welcome.

IP: spec-in.no-ip.org


That’s why you do a trade chat which is a global chat that only is found in the major trade areas or towns.

Was also discussed, if they add global chat there should ofc be an option to hide it, but it would still be there.

let me use my same example one more time, when you spawn you can start with gear that allows you to oneshot enemies and you can choose not to, even if you can choose not to, the option will still be there for everyone and greatly ruin the balance of the game, doesnt matter that you have the choice.

Global chat was always just kind of a bummer for me, it removes the need for exploration and physically lookiing for players since you can just spam global chat with everything you want-


Running off an immersion standpoint, I think there should not be global chat so people have to be around each other to learn every secret in the universe, trade chat should only be within certain beaconed areas to force players to be there to engage in the act of trade.

The only thing that should allow for a break in immersion is for friend chat and guild/clan chat. It can be hard to find your friends if everyone starts in really random places in a massive world and some people mostly want to stick to their friends. Guilds need to be able to organize events and people in a guild should sort of be each others friends.

Yeah i agree, although i also say immersion its mostly cause global chat bothers me, removes the point of moving anywhere and i have seen it time and time again that people just stand around rather than trying to seek out something they need.

I just hate the bots I always see in chat spamming about selling something and making it so I can’t hold a conversation with anyone. I guarantee someone will make a bot character, somehow.