A trader thread for newcomers

With everything thats going on with trying to provide guidance to newcomers, would it make sense to make a thread solely containing paid work assignments to new players, who struggle to make coin?

Im thinking necroing such a thread would need to be done to ensure a single thread to exist for easy overview and linking from veterans.

If this already exists, ill delete this.

When the coming centre for newcomers opens up, we can provide such contracts for newcomers ingame too.

What do you think?



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As a new player myself, I keep hearing about an influx of new players. Why is this?

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The game has been 50% off on Steam for the past week or so. :slight_smile: and has 48 hours left of the sale.

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Yeah we are seeing some newcomers due to corona and the recent sale on steam. :slight_smile:

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This post can hereby be converted into a thread for contracts specifically aimed at new players. It didnt get traction the first time around, and i wont bump this again, but if it makes sense to do so, i urge the community to post here to keep all trading posts in one place for the beginners and rookies trying to make coin.

Three points to take into consideration:

  1. The contracts should be achievable to fulfil for a beginner.

  2. The prices should be somewhat reasonable, if not lucrative for the employees.

  3. These contracts should be deliberately ignored by veterans, in order to be fulfilled by the newcomers theyre aimed at.

Enjoy your day and to any new players reading this - welcome to Boundless. :slight_smile:

Open Bounty:

10,000 coin to any player who can find MUD on Storis II.

Note: I have looked and I have not been able to.

Contact Quazel in Lacuna on Storis (or pm me here)

You must show me the actual deposit on planet for payment.


Im in pooper.
Strong mustard here i come


That coin is MINE!


while trying to find mud, i found an expired workshop with valuable early game goods. Theres a lot of glue, alloy, and novice forged tools! My inventory CANNOT fit all it. So come loot!!!
Its at Stagnum Radle coords: 1084 N , -1907 E , Alt: 70

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Anybody have luck finding that mud? You would think a T1 planet would have plenty…

Maybe I should raise the bounty…

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i’ll try as hard as possible!


I have couple spots that i check today.
I let you know.

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