A way to monetize clothes

On release of clothes, have a simple sackcloth robe or onesie available for cubits
Add a new currency that can only be purchased as RMT
When you release new clothes and cosmetics and tattoos, make them purchaseable only with RMT currency, but 3 months after cosmetics come out, switch them to be purchaseable with cubits. Also, as clothes and cosmetics get “older”, their prices should go down. This is not only nice for newer players, it makes older cosmetics “common” which encourages people to buy new cosmetics. People love the hottest new thing. You should see the “dumb” sht people spend fortunes on in GTA, ESO, WoW etc. Seriously, people spend thousands of IRL dollars to have the hottest new outfit every month.

I’d say leave event cosmetics as-is.

This is what a lot of other games do, and I think it would be fair. Especially if this is what it takes to get clothes, and if nothing remains a RMT exclusive forever, I’m down.

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No. Just no, don’t like the idea of having an additional currency on top of the two we already have (Coin, Cubits) that is ONLY purchasable.

Yes, I get there needs to be a way to monetize to support the servers, but this I see is nothing but greed.

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Not just to support keeping the servers alive, but to help get new stuff in the game like clothes and new monsters.

And I’m proposing every item would eventually go to being purchaseable with cubits.

That’ll make boundless a PTW! BOOO BOO GET HIM OUTTA HERE!!!


I dont like this really. I want to be able to craft clothes and armor as ingame crafting recipes. Where they have traits, and customability.

I think armorsmiths and leatherworkers should be skill able trades in game.


Ok, so to those who dislike this idea: what are some other ways that you’d find acceptable to monetize, other than gleam club?

Cubits if you feel like cubits are too easy to get and then no one will actually purchase cubits for clothes then all they need to do is increase the price in cubits.
Instead of 1k make it 3k plus the value of a tint kit


That or make them purchasable only with money.

No, we are (or should be if I misundurstood dk) talking about cosmetics, skins in general. Crafting armour and stuff, yah that is another thing. Even if you craft norma things, you can buy a skyn for something that will make it special.

Making this should be a semi priority for the devs, as it would bring more money to the team, more money = more devs, more devs = more dev time, more dev time = more features.

Plus I know a lot of ppl would be happy to get this.

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Well I’m pretty sure james has it under control, but…

My thoughts:

Other races than basic citizens (race perks potential).

But I’m leaving that in James’ court.

Would you pay for a new race?

Yeah probably depending on what it was. I dont mind the default one, but if one was put in that I liked, then I dont see a reason why I wouldn’t buy it. It would be interesting if each race had a different range of perks or something. Not sure how that would work, but could be neat.

They were against racial perks back in EA since it would encourage players to pick the “best” one for their play style rather than the one they like the best… as far as I know, this has not changed


I really like the idea of time limited cash purchase-ables that change to in-game purchases after time. It would be a strong revenue stream, but also doesnt lock anything behind a paywall. Thats the kind of stuff that the devs could make some money off without it hurting the game, which is good for all of us.

Also agree clothes/armor should be craftable in game too though, it would provide such a boost to variety, character builds, and the economy… but theres no reason both couldnt happen.


I wouldn’t mind race skins as a cubit purchasable item. But it would be nice if everyone got a free race token for free for the first time when they get introduced

Clothing should be a part of the game. You should be able to craft it. Should not be tied to rmt if it gives beneficial effects. Clothing could add some huge opportunities to the game such as clothing that allows underwater breathing and increased swim speed, lava walking or swimming, environmental protections, the possibilities are endless.

What do you mean with every item?? Any in-game item, or clothes items?

i know how to monetize bricks

only one in universe off each color
purchable for half milion dollars and a bugatti for the dev’s


You have to pay for the game (quite a lot) , you can get gleamclub (a subscription) AND pay for cubits as you need them. Those are enough ways to get the player’s money. If that isn’t enough, the game is not good enough. Selling skins and stuff exclusively for real money is just showing off IMO.