A way to sell plots/land?


Sure, agree on that. Problem is if 1 person out of 20 will use them irresponsibly, this person will make life harder for a lot of people. Lets assume 10. Multiple it by 50 and we have 1000 players out of whom 500 are trolled by maybe 50 people. We have more than 1000 players right now as far as i know ;).
Thanks, not thanks. I want to build stuff, not play economical PvP.

I’m not ignoring it. I’m just agreeing with you on that:

Yes they can do it. I don’t want it to be legitimized cause now we should be able to dispute it under conduct terms. After legitimizing it the best and most on point defense would be “but this is game mechanism designed for exact that reason”.

Don’t know, don’t care as this for me is irrelevant to current discussion. I’m not discussing approach to new features by devs, I’m disputing merit of this particular proposition.

To cut it short:

is big enough for me to not want such feature in game right now.


Aaaand… /facepalm. I never suggesting that there aren’t creative solutions. I’ve been in this forum long enough and watched enough threads about liquids to know that there are a lot of decent, creative solutions. That’s exactly why I said what I did. We’ve seen creative solutions, and we ‘still’ don’t have water source blocks because it’s still too touchy a subject to develop. Now get out of here and actually use your brain for reading comprehension.

Or, at the very least, try be a little less condescending when it’s absolutely not needed.

Fair enough. It’s just not big enough for me to not want it, and that opinion is no more nor less valid than yours. Impasse reached.

My suggestion doesn’t include selling plots for in-game money. I specifically included the idea that the buyer needs ‘enough plots’ to confer the idea that the seller isn’t selling the actual plots, but the contents of them.

In essence the buying and selling of beacons in the manner of my suggestion would be a safe and secure shortcut for the process of one person unplotting all the plots covered by a beacon, and the second player plotting those same plots instantly. There is no P2W argument unless you think that the the game already has that present, but then this suggestion does nothing to change that.


It never ceases to amaze me how petty people can be on forums.


Then you, sir, have not been to enough forums. If you had, you’d be utterly numb to it by now :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:


No you are selling the rights to a plot, which is pretty much them same thing.

The value of a plot is mostly defined by it’s location and not it’s intrinsic value.
Nobody will want your plots in the middle of nowhere, on the edge of, or in a capital city/portal hub it’s something else.

I can buy unused plots with cubits for cash. I can reserve the edges of a city or portal-hub for example.
If I sell you the rights to these used plots, even if you need yourself unused plots, I just made in-game money from something bought with cash.

If systems are introduced to facilitate, thus endorse, these practices, you have pretty much the argument for developer endorsed P2W.

For now it’s just tolerated I guess, but not implemented or even encouraged, which is fine in my opinion.

Would i like to see a system to properly rent or sell plots, sure. But the fact that unused plots can be bought with cash takes that pretty much out of the game for the before mentioned reasons.


Sorry, I just can’t see that that system will be different enough from what we have now that if makes a difference to me. People are already dropping plots in nice locations to reserve them with the current system. If someone puts extortion plots in a nice place, there is no requirement that you buy them. If they ask for a price that is reasonable, then the player who got out and actually explored the planet for nice locales gets some actual benefit for exploring (I personally think that’s a win, given the lack of other real benefits). If they ask for a ridiculous amount it, then nobody buys it, and nobody wins.

This is even more pertinent given the recently released code of conduct where:

Either people are going to be considerate, or they’re not. If they are, then no problem. If not, the eventually they will do it enough that it can legitimately be considered griefing, and it’ll be dealt with.

Unless you think that extortion and griefing are significantly different and shouldn’t be treated the same? But if that was the case, then extortion is already allowed in game. Look at shops. You’ll see shops where the owner is buying a resource and selling it in the same store for a 1000%+ markup. If is considerate or moral… almost certainly not. Is it extortionate gouging? Probably. It is allowed in the game, if a person wants to do it? Yes, because you’re not forced to participate.

Either this game rewards people for taking the initiative and pushing the market, or it doesn’t. Arbitrarily picking and choosing when and where that’s appropriate is a poor precedent to set. I should probably clarify, I’m not arguing for this because I want to plot land to sell to others. I couldn’t care less and don’t have the RL finances to do that even if I wanted to. My focus is on providing builders a way to build structures with their skill and hand them over, actually having in game mechanics for making money with that playstyle.

As a side note: We also had a similar line of discussion running when plots were added to the Exchange. There was a lot ‘But what if someone plots all the land, because they can buy them with real money’ statements. That doesn’t seem to have happened at all, and I’m glad the developers didn’t actually use the worst-case scenario approach to designing that element of the game.


There is a difference between a deal made between players and a developer endorsed system to do the same.

I’m not arguing if its done or not now. I’m arguing the point that if it’s endorsed its different.

An IRL comparison you can buy alcohol from someone as a minor and some do and its nearly impossible to prevent that. If you put government sponsored beer tabs into kindergardens its not the same.

There are no cubits involved in shop-stands.


Actually it does happen. And it will become more and more common as population increase.
Before release you had like 300 players active? If 1 or 2 of them did that, it wouldn’t be visible.
After release we have like 2000+ active players. If 10 of them does it more people will take notice.

Just this week there was whole thread about 900+ plots player doing exactly that and declining practically any type of consensus with town next to it because game support this kind of behavior.

Not to mention that I actually did something very similar when I panicked a bit and reserved a lot of empty land around me to preserve it in its current state and for later expansions.


Yep, and now add an in-game monetization to that at it will become even worse very fast.


I would love to build a real estate empire. My slogan would be “It’s Free Real Estate” And my mascot would be the guy from that video .

Great suggestion too, I saw someone else mention a system where you coul list plots for sale like a shop stand and whoever comes by with enough money could buy it. It would have to be regulated some how so someone couldn’t just buy 1 plot and then be in the way of whoever buys the rest of the plots .


I suspect this is inevitable because such sales can be arranged out of game but exploitation is a real and likely possibility. The solution is to give more control to the city founders to have extensive and transparent zoning rights for some radius around their core city plots and portal hubs. The devil is in the details though as this is a tough balancing act.


i always think if you want to let people have shops in your town but you want to control the look you could just give them permissions for that plot, just not to build, so you could make the area to match the town, and set up shop stalls, then maybe even rent out the area to people who want to sell there


Well ppl would have to trust me.

and often ppl just forget something by themself and then they would rather think that i stole it.
and also there was a bug that items just dissapeared from shop plints, that would also create alot of trouble.

but ye ppl that i thrust and that thrust me like ppl in our town would do that maybe


Trust is a commodity that is gained through time.


The problem, Jen, is that you can’t set up a setup permissions to that one, (or however big it is), plot without it effecting every plot owned by you.

Whats more, you can’t go indepth and say, they can only use Shopstands only and no other items or machines.

Both the restrictions don’t exist, and the ability to ‘Zone’ it to specific plots don’t exist.


Any given thing’s ‘worth’ (in your use of the term), be it an item, service or piece of land, is determined simply by how much a buyer is willing to pay for it. Anyone that is trying to sell things will lower their prices if a sufficiently long time goes by without anyone willing to buy. Conversely, everything that sells faster than it can be reasonably resupplied will rise in price. As long as a sufficient number of people are willing to pay X, it will cost X.


well thats not the problem, i could just split the area to differend beacons and give permissions then for each beacon.


That works too. Or when you want to transfer ownership, you can break your beacon, and let them place one immediately after. That’s usually how I handle land trades like that.


That works for single plots but for multiple plots you have to remove the plots first. Then the beacon.


ye same, i reserved alot land in our town, and when ppl ask for land to settle i give it to them (free) just to make sure not 1 person comes and claims tons of land, because that happend before