Abandon Beacons Question

I realize this is an early-acces game and that some people log on only occasionally for new things and that is all, but there are also many people who have built things and then assumingly found better areas and have abandon a previous place completely.
There was another thread, gone now because I can’t find it, where we were discussing time limits on beacons that needed to be “refueled” or they disappear to prevent our world from filling up with abandon beacons, but that was another discussion altogether.

My question was:
Is there a way to remove beacons that have not been interacted with in large amount of time, so someone else has an opportunity to either finish the work or clear and claim the land?

I could ask a question:

Why bother?

it seems like a really prick question, but in all honesty, there are sooo much land, what does it matter that a beacon is still there? what if the person doesnt have time to play now, and might come back in 2 weeks, imagine if it was you who had done a project and been gone for a month, how would you feel having it all destroyed when you come back?

For dealing with inactive beacons, it has been discussed but im still not sure. i think it would suck being offline for a long while and when you come back all of your stuff was destroyed or taken since the beacon was torn down.

so the real question is, is it really necessary to remove beacons that havent been worked on for long?

You probably mean this thread due you mentioned refueling that I used as one example: https://forum.oortonline.com/t/everyone-can-build-everywhere/1636/13

Yes, that’s the one. Thank you.

And I wasn’t trying to be rude to anyone, but I’ve seen beacons over nothing, or one tiny thing were the person has moved on to great creations, so those minor ones were the ones I was referring to.

What would you call abandoned though? Just because someone doesn’t visit one of their Beacons, doesn’t mean that it should be taken down.

Example: I don’t always visit creations I’ve made on worlds where I consider them finished like my Pac-man and Tetris ones. I don’t think that those Beacons should be removed because they’re there for other people to look at as much as for me to actively visit.

I do agree with you. Also because I have seen finished creations that I doubt are worked on any longer, but would like to remain intact.

I’m talking about the empty beacons, the unfinished creations, the ones that look like someone started and then just quit. It would be nice to see someone else given a chance to finish the work or convert it into something new.

ah no no. sorry about that, i know you wasnt trying to be rude, if anyone it was me, but i couldnt think of a nicer way to phrase it, it has been grealy discussed, but i am still against getting a beaocn removed or constantly having to fuel it, in my eyes it doesnt seem fair, how could punishing players for not playing the game regularly ever be fair? there are also as ardos mentioned, monuments created by players, places they dont always visit, but something they decided to put their heart into making, if you force them to refuel then that would never happen, we wont have cool monuments or things like it, because players would be punished for creating them.

i still think players should either a) have a limited amount of placeable beacons or b) make beacons scaleable in crafting cost, say you can make your first beacon cheap, the next one requires more mats, and then that would just go on, when you reached like 5 you would have to get maybe 1000 oortstone to make a beacon, basically instead of forcing you to pay 100 oortstone a week we would just ge the cost of the beacon and it would stay forever.

if they really cannot avoid the fuel then they should at the very least give players 2 permanent beacons first, i would like to have a smalle house and a smalle shop in a town, but i might not play the game all the time, it would feel a bit sad to know your stuff is never safe because if you miss the beacon cost by just 1 day, all of your stuff and all of your builds might be gone. i know that would make some people quit the game. luckily im not a builder so i wont need a ton of beacons, but on the other hand if i have used 50+ hours on gathering mats that i have in chests protected by beacons, then i want to know they are always safe and that i dont have to recollect all of them if i dont play for a certain amount of time, since they would be gone.

its a very long and very hard discussion (no innuendo intented) because anything that has the power to protect things against griefer will always be useable by griefers for their purpose too.

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I was mostly against the refueling idea too because I saw more negatives than positives.

Maybe right now it’s just annoying (if that’s the right word) because beacons are unlimited. Maybe once you have to “earn” your beacon or build it with incredible mats, as you have suggested Zouls, then people will be more careful with beacon placement, not to just throw them around wherever and decide later that they don’t care for it. Or as you also suggested, a limit, to again prevent them from being thrown around all over the place with nothing being done to them.

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Question about should beacons decay or not is question that we will have to answer in future, but I don´t we need removal of several inactive beacons right now, because there is still so few players and plenty of land for all to claim. However I´d like that people would request beacons only if they have something larger that they want to protect. You can send me hate mail plus burn my house down and I will give you even my phone number so you can call me in the middle of night, because this next sentence I will say if it somehow violates your beliefs.

If you have little cottage of size (and I throw wild number here;) 50x50 block and maybe clock tower near it. You don´t need beacon to protect it. There is only small number of us playing regularly (right now at least) and those cute little first time testers will have so much stuff more to do than start to renovate your cottage and make your clock tower show wrong time.

This next one is my own thoughts about this subject that I want to tell you after that comment that I made just above this.

I don´t even think I´ll ever need beacon even though I´m soon buying Pioneer package with +50% beacon range increase, because if somebody really thinks that my building that took 1 year to build ruins their morning sunshine every in game morning. They are free to destroy it with their own little hands and time, I´m not coming to help them or try to stop them.

Also Oort that we currently know and play is for the most part creative building, because major gameplay elements are still in development and that makes Oort more like demo version of real game that will maybe have titans and such. So without anymore of my random ranting and half-thought beliefs my point is; Let the players come and have fun while building stuff/beacons, because we are getting more and more people by week that want (only) to get some kind idea of what Oort will look like in official full release and we can´t force them all to come read forums and teach our unofficial rules about griefing or such to them.

Lycankind made good point with comment above mine that currently beacons are free and unlimited and may cause problems if everyone will get one but that will be different thing with full release of Oort as then one has to earn it.

i see what you mean and i partially agree with me, but let me just point out the 2 biggest things

  1. you did obviously not see the 50 block tall castle wall with the words ‘‘dic.k paradise’’ and a ton of graphic drawings on it, you have obviously not seen all of the other times that peoples builds have been destroyed by griefers, they are not many, but they are already ingame. so the argument that ‘‘atm there are no griefers’’ is kinda… meh…

  2. for the thing of never needing a beacon i would like to point back to the world regeneration system the devs said we are going to have, deleting all player placed blocks and replace all broken blocks over time, so if you dont have a beacon, griefers might not destroy your stuff, however the game itself might.

I think you could solve the not used beacons areas to a very slow decay which stops automatically when the area gets build in a again. Even when people log in the game and just visit should be enough to preserve the builds.

This is the sad truth and all builds start small so even if it begin is only one house you should be able to defend it against griefing.

to be fair. that wall was really well done it was griefing, yes, but he had most likely used a few hours on making it XD

alot of building grief is going to go away when you cant do infinite blocks anymore.