Abandoned beacon

Just found an abandoned little shop near PS HUB on Boori, maybe owner will read it and contact me.
I put my beacon for now.


You can get their name off the shop stands.

Hmm, nevermind…if it’s abandoned their name is removed from everything.

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Didn’t know about it, tomorrow I will definitely watch! Thank you!

added: :disappointed_relieved:

It’s not mine but I think it was very nice of you to beacon it up.


That’s a dead nice thing to do.Whoever the shop was will be grateful if it ran out accidentally.Your a sweetheart!


What a nice person :slight_smile:


You are so much nicer than me. I’m a vulture.


Come on, guys, you embarassed me) the temptation was very small, I don’t know what I would do if I found a ton of diamonds) Although its worth it to test yourself once more)

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I looted one place that had two smart stacks of copper ore, 250 shards, 100 storage blocks, about 150 raw gleam and at least a smart stack or refined stone…plus a load of other mats.

It was half absorbed into the earth at that point, so I didn’t even feel bad, lol.

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