[Abeir-Toril] - [T5 Turbulent Chill Sovereign World] [Public]

Hello All. I would like to invite anyone who wishes to come to this Sovereign World. At the current time you can take blocks but no plotting (perhaps in the future for that).

You can reach the planet from the TNT Alnitans Hub and the Ultima Alnitans Hub:

Here are the resources for the planet:

Here are the blocks/plants. Colors are a little hard to see and I have not found everything on the list so it may not be there. But if it is these are the colors:

Finally here are a couple of shots of the place:


Edit: There are Atlas’s there too. 25c


It’s pretty!

These Sovereign worlds have me more hyped now than I had expected.

We’re really just getting this many worlds added to our little universe? <3


Some additional photos of the place:


Your world is beautiful! Good color selection (and rare too). Many nice plants. Did not found many flowers though…


Going to be the front door view:

The back door view:


Just curious, do you remember what your default gleam color was?

@Venom Silk Mustard.

No idea if that was a new one or not but the color was awful to me so I got rid of it.

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Just wanted you all to know that if you get tired of running from new world to new world we have nice seating on this one. You can relax and even look at the gleam in the sky while enjoying a drink. I will say though that the hopper staff might spill your drink. Sorry in advance.

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Just in time Halloween…blood on top of the snow cones:

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