Ability to plant more than 1 square at a time farming

Hi my fellow boundless players! Not sure if this has been discussed before as I’m only about 600 hours in, but I was wondering if it’s ever been suggested for the new skill or ability to plant more than 1 square at a time for farms? Kind of tedious for larger farms like mine and only being able to plant 1 square at a time, maybe AOE? And then if there is only, let’s say, for example, 3 squares in a row left, or 2, it will default and plant them accordingly automatically. This has been on my mind for a while and just wanted to hear what people had to say about it.


Farming slow-ness is one of the biggest complains with farming. This includes AoE tileing.

I forsee 30+ comments incomming with complaints about this. Either this or a few links to posts that discuss this :slight_smile:


I’m all for AoE tilling and sowing.

Maybe an augment for sowing?


Lol, I guess I should have said, adjacent planting. Not “Aoe” James pointed out AOE is for explosions. Which he is correct. And I should have said “adjacent” for farming etc. You mentioned “tilling” as well. So “adjacent” farming and tilling would be its correct description.

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There u go! Good idea! Yes maybe an augment would be the right way to go about it.

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No, AoE, shorter to write. :smiley:

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Lol, very true

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I agree I think I have made this suggestion before or it was on another topic.

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Obligatory: nopeee, creative mode, nooope, to easy, gotta be hard.

Now we can proceed with discussion :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’d also add fertilizer action to the list of actions that need AoE or adjacent modifier. Aiming at each plant, especially when some are behind taller ones, gets dizzying very fast. My eyes hurt from that.
Anything that would make farming a bit easier would be a blast.

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My hypothesis is that it’s meant to discourage huge fields, in order to limit the quantity produced at least a little


But I can only guess, maybe it’s a technical limitation who knows :woman_shrugging:


Then maybe since with everything else in this game, “you gotta give a little, to take a little” narrative, if you use AOE augment or skill, then it prolongs growing time? Idk just a thought. There always has to be some negative effect for a positive one, dunno if that’s the answer

I can see that being a reason for combustion, but people has large farms anyways.

So I say let us add adjacent boon to tillers!!!

Yes please. Farming has great potential. But atm its the worst…

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I’d love to see a “hopper” (something that holds stuff) as an item.

Load it with seeds, fertilizer, blocks, grass or whatever, then just run around and have the hopper place whatever is in it at your feet.

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I reckon this is right.

I farm goo at a thousands-scale. I’d love this change. But what does it really solve? It just allows us to have bigger farms. Do we really need that? Why do we need bigger farms?


For the same reason we need bigger builds. We don’t, but they’re cool.


Can’t argue with that :stuck_out_tongue:


As far as farming goes if anything I’d settle with having the ground permanently tilled after doing it the first time.

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Add 3x3 grass planting too.


How many squares out of, let’s say, 100 squares to keep percentages even, do you have to re-till after each time you harvest? I’m just curious? Because I maybe only have 30 or so blocks to re-till each time after every 600 block harvest so re-tilling has never been a big issue for me as it seems to be for others. This has been brought up a couple times now and I’m wondering if maybe the tool being used and damage to the actual block each time is causing it to need to be tilled again (or it’s possibly are friend we all call RNG)? But my re-tills are low compared to farm size using a AOE 3x3 lowest damage possible tool the famous “wood axe”!