About Character Models and Races

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  • Are there going to be more differed face shapes/body shapes?

  • Is there going to be more than just this lion-esque race?

In the concepts, there were goat-esque and bird-esque creatures and I’d really like to see them in the game and I know it’s not all graphics, but I would really be kind of upset if it’s not going to happen because diversity in races is usually a big selling point to me, especially beast races.

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Yeah beast and furry races are one of the most rare in games and it would be cool having them as a controlable character and also its personalisation, for players being able to modify its structure like plantigrade or digitigrade so yoyu have diversity for all king of players and it’s tastes.

I’m a furry, I mean I from the furryfandom comunity and some of them will get the game also, it would be a could point havin this races like, felines, canines, avinas or other tipes arround, and each type to be alble to personalize its form, its structure. I’m a 3d designer and I often do some creations if someone has some ideas for these caharcters and has the hability of making the design by drawing it on paper o digitali with its perspectives, (front, back and site i would be very exited modeling them for the developers freely. (designs with Boundless style)

More races are planned. Keep in mind that this is only a pre alpha and many features, including most of the races, are still missing.
But we haven’t seen any concept art of further races yet.

In short: Yes and yes ;D

But that’s all I can say about it at the moment. Rest assured, character customisation is a huge priority for me.