About the Reports category

Use this category for Reporting and getting help with in-game beacons, locations, players and issues.

If you have an issue in-game then:

  1. Always use the in-game reporting options for reporting Beacons, Locations, Players, Chat and Signs. These are accessible from the MAIN MENU --> SUPPORT --> REPORT tab. This automatically sends the developers notifications about the issue and includes important metadata about the issue. We will always ask you to make the report in-game - so please do this.

  2. If you feel that more information could be helpful when reviewing the Report them please PM a moderator with additional screenshots and details. Including more information and background will help us quickly resolve issues.

If you have an issue on the forum then:

  1. Always use the forum Flagging options for reporting Posts, Threads and other Members.

If you want to discuss a possible issue publicly then post in this category and the community can give you guidance and help.

However, the game and forum have a strict Code of Conduct. Please make sure that you follow this Code of Conduct. The CoC was created to help resolve issues. Your posts will be edited and possibly hidden if the CoC is not followed.

Finally and primarily try resolving issues with other players directly. Everyone is here to have fun and enjoy Boundless. Explaining in a friendly way what issue you’re experiencing is likely to get a positive and helpful response.