About the Underwater Biome

Maybe a whole underwater world would be really nice but a magic or somethingelse that could create bubbles for us to breathe underwater for a while woud be nice. and a more advanced advice would be to create a biiig bubble underwater for a while so you could build underwater easier without being “uuuuuuuuuh so ssssslllooooowww” all the time.

There are already water worlds in game. As for an aquatic race. Check out this concept art.


I might be wrong but the left one looks more like an insect, and the right one might have scales but that could also be crystals^^

wow, i had seen that before and they seemed fishy(pun?) but i didnt know they were literally a “fish” race. this game never stops suprising me. and its developing yet! god damn…

edit: i misread that, they only SEEM to be a water race. would be cool though

yes, you can ignore the one of the left. The one on the right has not been confirmed to be aquatic, and it might be crystal. But it certainly gives me a water vibe.


do you know if each race will have a perk?

yes they will each have a unique trait. I kinda remember vaguely a dev q&a from a year ago were I think breathing underwater was mentioned as an example of something possible for a trait.


You could make a water world in the world builder if you want. Then you have all the water you want.

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But to havê a world builder you need to buy a highest price version right?

Oh,the young Oortian you are.
You get the builder at any price,that includes the game.
Problem solved?

yes, you need the Adventurer Package to get the world builder.

How much is it? Do you know?

Depends on where you live. click the link to see.

Yes,my mistake. You don’t get it at the cheapest price,35$.

Oh ok. Its 51€. Worth the buy maybe. If I could i’d buy the oortian, dont get me wrong, but in my country things are rough to buy things in the instante. You need to save

I do love the idea of Under water worlds, regardless if you have to build under water. The only problem with building underwater in a particular voxel game, is a number of things.

  1. Nothing down there: There is hardly anything under the water besides sand, clay, and dirt.
  2. Dark/Low Visibility: I don’t know about you guys, but my under water houses and a great view! Of the color blue.
  3. Challenging, but not very rewarding: Ok, so you now have a self sustaining under water house. Now what? go for a walk?

Boundless, with the World builder tool, has granted us the ability to create the most stunning worlds, both above and below the water. Plant life, Aquatic life, and so on needs to be added and so much more if we want beautiful underwater worlds


But world builder is just for alpha, isnt it? How does it work ? If you havê the time to explain

It’s for all the time, from pre-alpha to 5.7.3^^

And it works in sometimes mysterious ways, search the forum a bit and you’ll find a lot of help^^

Nope it is a tool that will be continuel expanded upon.

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You connect boxes together with lines.

So let’s say you have biome, you connect that to a box for a height map, you connect that to a noise function. Now you have shape in the world. You can change what the layers of soil are what color they look like. You can create tree using a box of slider scales then you connect that to a box for plantations and then connect that to the biome. on and on you go till you happy with the world. You can preview what it will looks like in the editor and in game.