Above ground Vs Below ground Resources

I’m kinda worried about vertical resource balance. In MC it felt like just about everything (besides wood and farm crops) was underground, and if you wanted to be powerful you had to spend a lot of time in a 1x2 corridor or a cave digging for things. I would really love if more resources were found visibly on the surface (and maybe in the sky). It seems like we will have a lot of different resources for building etc, so putting more of them on the surface would be good in my opinion- that way we have 2 different kinds of resource gathering modes- An above ground exploration way, and an underground mining way.

ground stuff need to be on the ground, underground needs to be under.

Ground: Trees, plants, bushes, animals and such

Underground: any type of minerals and fungus.

underground could also be in a mountain though

Well I was thinking there should be a host of low tier surface minerals for us to look for. They could also spawn underground, but having some be exposed on the surface would be nice, because you wouldnt have to be underground unless you want to (or if you need a rare mineral)

That just means that we need to make trees and plants actually worth something, and making monsters have something that is actually worth your time in opposition to minecraft where the only thing you need to hunt is endermen and and then kill 1 blaze at some point so you can make potions.

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well minecraft is a good lego simulator but a horrible RPG


Which is why i said in opposition to Minecraft. @Squaremunch worried about the game ending up like a mining simulator like mincraft and i came with a solution.

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Some good surface resources found in real life could inspire in game resources both above ground and below. Besides organic things like trees, plants, animals, you could have oil springs, surface deposits of sulfur from geysers, cliff side deposits of shale, fresh water springs could occasionally have gold nuggets or gold dust deposits at the bottom, rare gems could occasionally come to the surface in gravel deposits, beaches could have rare artifacts “wash ashore” etc.

An old dev post mentioned meteor storms. Would be a great way to randomly seed rare metals on the surface.


I dont think minecraft was meant to be an RPG though.
It’s more of a survival game with an optional creative mode. it’s a great game, too

It was an amazing lego simulator. but i think they took it too far. so i never bothered playing it, only time i used it was as a painting tool. minecraft was genius in how simple it was and how it allowed mod support to make it as complicated as people wanted it. i for one just got a mod that allowed me to recolor blocks.

The World Builder has all the flexibility to control where resources are found. It allows us to define strata (different layers of materials), the distribution of minerals within the ground and on the surface. So everything we’re asking for here is possible. The World Builder also allows us to control the cave systems in more sophisticated ways. All together this means that a period of caving may be much more rewarding than a period of mining.

I’m confident we can get a good mix here - we definitely have all the tools in place.


A thread of myself which also may fit into this discussion :wink:


I also want to see the abilty to harvest material under water. I heard the idea for an underwater Titan. I thought of corals. This would be a real fantastic gaming experience. For example, use the corals as collectable trophy, which might also glow above surface in the dark. Or simply making ones way down below to ocean’s earth. And find something there (titans, creatures, builds, caves, ressources, food, other player chars, etc.).

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Caving is utterly incredible, I have never played a game that does… this thing! I can’t stop flabbergasting at just how awesome the underground is on some worlds! I can already see that extracting minerals from underground is going to be amazing, from the deposits I’ve discovered.

Minecraft’s caves were nothing like this, and strip-mining was a very tedious activity. This feels like a bounty of earth, I can already imagine mines and industry popping up everywhere that ores are plentiful. >W<

Granted a huge amount of enjoyment is coming from using the grapple and hand-torch to explore these caves. Being able to use ropes to repel down and climb back up is a must once the grapple gets balanced.


I really do enjoy your writing @Darkicus :`)

Darkicus is right. Caves are where the fun is, especially if you don’t like mining/tunneling.


Although we know that for sure we will find the 1x2 tunnels due to that being a common thing from minecraft, just like how i have transferred some of my building styles over, people will continue it cause thats what they are use to

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Remember, Oort temples and creatures/titans will balance this out as well, the surface will be much more exciting than in minecraft vanilla.

Creature drops will be exciting and diverse by the looks of the art we have so far. There could also be more diverse flora rather than just ‘simple’ terran flora. We could have giant mushrooms akin to morrowind with magical properties, or make them bouncy! Trees which grow up to the sky. Underwater could be really exciting as well, coral reefs and underground perhaps flooded temples.

Ores and materials are generally underground though so this will be tough.

As always floating islands/cities are awesome