Absolute resource count

Just wondering, how is everyone calculating the absolute resource count on rented and public planets?
What is the base for 100%? It is definitely not related to voxel volume.


The Game API itself gives back absolute numbers. Then the game converts those numbers into percentages and only displays the percentages. The Details of that can be found here: Are resource percentages indicative of density in any way?

All of the tools you are probably talking about all use the game API under hood some how (a lot of them actually use my API: Introducing Boundlexx: An API to get all things related to Boundless).

Got it. So is there any way to get those numbers “manually” or from “in-game”?
I guess I’ll have to get myself acquainted with the Boundlexx API.


The basis for 100% is the total number of resources (either mined or gathered) on the planet.

That’s why people want absolute values. One planet can have half the resources of another but the values displayed as percentages in the client will look the same.

If you’re using discord, there are bots working with the game API that report these values. I’m not sure how many there are overall but TNT and Portal Seekers discords both have them.

The TNT bot is using Boundlexx for much of this info.