Abuse via plots without anything built on them!

OK – now, I cannot post any screen shots since I dont want to name and shame, but if you want to come check it out yourself, I am the city manger of THE CUTTLETRUNK FEDERATION on C-Merika.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, has deicded to buy well over 500 plots and take over most of the area to the north and the west around TCF so we cannot expand in the direction that we want. There is nothing there, just bought plots.

What is to be done about this nonsense. The plots are way underground and way in the sky for absolutely no reason – other than to prevent building. This is pure open griefing when you get down to it. I am not talking about 1 or 2 plots here and there, this person walled off whole sections.

Is this the beginning of what happens to capitals when the threat of buying/selling plots becomes a thing? Is this what we get?

This is ridiculous and something needs to be done about people that buy massive amounts of plots and dont build anything on it at all.

But dont worry, I am prepared for all the comments by most of you here since you disagree with my views. Just remember, the same thing can happen to you too.


Maybe they are planning their build?


You can tell when someone is planning a build, and when someone is just being a jerk. It isnt hard to spot the difference. Plus, it isnt like my city just appeared out of no where. It has been on C-Merika since Mid-September and this person just popped up 2 or 3 days ago.

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I mean, if I was planning a massive build, I would do exactly what this person did. If you plot your build little by little, someone else can come at any time and take land where you were planning on plotting. The only way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to plot it all beforehand. You can’t call it griefing just because nothing has been built yet. Nothing can or will be done about this. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to expand pre-existing large settlements because you can easily lose the land around it.

You can try to find out who the player is and send them a civil message asking them to move their plots elsewhere, but that’s about all you can do.


This is happening in Etherian Wood as well, they walled off half our settlement and cut straight through our planned market area


Yes, yes I can. There is tons of empty space not around the base I live in. Just run 1-3 minutes in any direction. But nooo, this person wants to be a A-hole and stop me from expanding.

Dont ■■■■ on my leg and call it rain.


Plots are plots. Owners can choose to build or not. Once you start allowing “opinions” of what’s acceptable, beyond the CoC, then you risk even your own opinions eventually being infringed upon.

If the land is up for grabs, it’s up for grabs. Nobody can guess the motives of another. A person could buy up land and never build anything, that’s their prerogative. If there’s ANY land around you that you don’t want someone to have, buy it up.


“Planned”, being the key word there. You can’t reserve land, you have to buy it. It’s the same rules for everyone.

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Yes, it can happen to us, too. That’s why it’s fair. We all have the option and availability. We all play by the same rules.

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Best advice…get over it, if you don’t own the land then it’s not yours, finders keepers world


If somebody is trying to block you, then why wouldn’t they just plot evenly on the surface and not plot low underground or high in the sky, as you described?

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I hope the dev’s implement some rule about plots that are just space and have nothing on them. Cuz this is just stupid if it is OK and then they allow selling/buying of plots from player to player.

One aspect of this game is about building a community, kind of hard to build a bigger community when some jerk just buys a bunch of plots and does nothing with it just to spite you.

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Ill tell you why – because there are many ways to be vile in this game. One way is to find out who has the most prestige in a town and connected to their base incorrectly which will give you the ‘multiple settlement connected’ thing (which temp removed all your prestige till you can find the hole). During that time, they can, if they want, spam gleam whenever (underground perhaps) and then before you find the hole they have just taken over your base.

So that is why, Sparklepuss. Cuz people suck.

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Then a person will put a single block down on each plot. Then you’ll say, “one block is too little!”. Then they’ll put down 20. “Still too little!” you’ll yell. It will just go on and on. Perhaps we should all decide if what you’ve built is worthy of the area, or if you’re just wasting space.

The plots serve whatever function the owner sees fit. If he built a base approved by you, the it would be ok? That’s not how it works, and exactly why it is the way it is.


Great, thank you for that. Now I dont need you to post in my thread anymore if that is all you have to offer.

Whatever Wonderstruck decides, I am sure it will be better than whatever mind boggling scenarios you or I can come up with. But thank you again, for your input. I know where you stand.

I am looking forward to hearing from others.

There is nothing anyone can offer you my fellow oort, it’s a waste of time


Nothing anyone offers will appease you, because you want something in the game that doesn’t exist, and you expect others to abide by that nonexistent thing.


This is not the only thread like this. As the game gets older, more will post up like this.

When enough people make noise about it, Wonderstruck, being a good company, will do something about it.

Don’t worry, I dont need your support.

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I’d get plotting instead of being stuck on here before you lose more “free” land