Account level 'feats', more tracking

I’m always hoping for more stats from the servers, as I don’t like to spend my time tracking and tallying game info into spreadsheets or other applications.

I would love to see some account level totals for the economic feats, maybe with some larger caps.

I’m also specifically suggesting that we get a feat, or even just a counter for total coins from the chrysominter. I’d like to surprise some people with that, lol.

Hmmm while I’m at it i can’t avoid mentioning visitors per beacon, and ESPECIALLY portal use numbers. Even thought hey don’t belong in feats, per se.

Please pile on, what stats would you like that are not currently available?


For myself, pretty much anything that can be turned into a statistic or that can be quantified. :slight_smile:

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Not sure if they are tracking it in detail or tracking it at all, but I’d love to see some defeat statistics!

Global stats would be fun to look at as well.


@james I would especially request a one time reveal of how many coins the chrysominter has put into the game globally at this time. If you have reports available or someone who could build the queries with minimal time it would be of interest to see this value compared to footfall in the same time frame.

EDIT: Maybe also vs. daily/weekly mission payouts but, nobody seems to take that seriously as a form of income.